Forts Across the United States


Fort Smith, Arkansas

Fort Smith, Arkansas


There are literally hundreds of old forts across the nation, ranging from military posts to fortresses established by fur trading companies, to private enterprises built solely to protect the pioneers within. Though many of these old forts are long gone, there are dozens of others that continue to stand, some restored, some in ruins, and others still currently serving as active posts. While this is not a complete list, we are continually adding to it as we travel and find more information.


“Fort Laramie is one of the posts established by the American Fur Company, who well-nigh monopolized the Indian trade of this whole region. “

— Francis Parkman



Fort Verde, Arizona by Kathy Weiser-Alexander

Fort Verde, Arizona by Kathy Weiser-Alexander


Fort Chaffee

Fort Logan H. Roots


Sutter's Fort, Sacramento, California, 1847

Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento, California, 1847

Fort Rosecrans
Fort Ross 
Fort Tejon
Fort Winfield Scott
Fort Yuma
Presidio of Monterey
Presidio of San Diego
Presidio de San Francisco
Presidio Of Sonoma
Sutter’s Fort


ort, Colorado by Kathy Wesier-Alexander

Bents Fort, Colorado by Kathy Weiser-Alexander


Fort Christina
Fort Delaware

Fort DuPont
Fort Miles

Fort Saulsbury


Castillo San Marcus, St. Augustine, Florida by Dave Alexander

Castillo San Marcos, St. Augustine, Florida by Dave Alexander

Fort San Lucia
Fort San Marcos de Apalache
Fort San Nicholas
Fort Scott
Fort Shannon
Fort Simmons
Fort St. Andrews
Fort St. Francis de Pupa
Fort Stansbury
Fort Starke
Fort Sullivan
Fort Taylor
Fort T.B. Adams
Fort Thompson
Fort Tonyn
Fort Vinton
Fort Wacahoota
Fort Walker
Fort Walton
Fort Ward
Fort Weadman
Fort White
Fort William
Fort Zachary Taylor
Martello Towers, Key West, Florida
Nicolls’ Outpost
Presidio Isla Santa Rosa Punta de Siguenza
Presidio San Miguel de Panzacola
Presidio Santa Maria de Galve
San Marcos De Apalache
Yellow Bluff Fort

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  1. looks like you skipped NH entirely!

    fort constitution/fort william and mary
    the fort at #4 in charlestown,NH
    Fort Stark

    and Maine!
    fort knox (the other fort knox!)

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