Fort Robidoux, Nebraska

Trading with the American Fur Company

Trading with the American Fur Company

Fort Robidoux, Nebraska, was established by the American Fur Company in 1822 and named for fur trapper Joseph Robidoux. Shortly after it was established, it was also known as the French Company and Cabanne’s Trading Post for its operator, John Pierre Cabanne. Cabanne continued to operate the post until 1833 when Joshua Pilcher assumed command of it until it was abandoned in the early 1840s.

Its success was partly due to its ability to supply provisions to nearby Fort Atkinson. Shortly after 1840, operations moved to Fontenelle’s Post in the Bellevue, Nebraska, area and were placed under the management of Peter A. Sarpy. Though nothing is left of the fort today, the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located 10 miles north of Omaha, Nebraska, on the Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway near Florence, north of Dodge Park.


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