Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny

American Progress by John Gast in 1872

American Progress by John Gast in 1872

“If a young man is about to commence in the world … we say to him publicly and privately, go to the West. There, your capacities are sure to be appreciated and your industry and energy rewarded.” 

—  Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune, so urged young men  to go West in the 1850’s


Westward Expansion Map

Westward Expansion Map

Explorers, Traders & Trappers

The Old West

Native Americans

Railroad History & Tales

Tales & Trails of the American West

Who’s Who in American History


The American Frontier

Beginning of Settlement in the American West

Freighter on the Plains

Freighter on the Plains

Early Transportation on the Great Plains

Frontier Folk

The Frontier In History by Emerson Hough

Frontier Types by Theodore Roosevelt

Frontier Wars by Emerson Hough

The Gadsden Purchase

The Great Plains

The Homestead Act – Creating Prosperity in America

Life in the Frontier Army

Mexican-American War

Trail of Tears painting by Robert Lindneux

Trail of Tears painting by Robert Lindneux

Pushing the Indians Westward

Indian Removal Act of 1830

Ramblings In the West

The Range of the American West

The Reign Of The Prairie Schooner

A Sketch of the Early “Far West”

Struggle For Possession – The First Emigrants


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“Westward, ever westward.”

— Henry Wells

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