Arkansas – The Natural State

Greetings from Arkansas

Greetings from Arkansas Postcard, available at Legends’ General Store

Friendly, fun, and fantastic, Arkansas welcomes you with unmatched natural beauty, charming, historic towns, exciting cities, towering mountains, lush green valleys, rolling hills, and a wealth of beautiful, clear water lakes and rivers.

With 50 state parks, Arkansas provides great experiences at mountaintop hideaways, lakeshore cabins, and riverside campsites along the famous White River. Visit a folk cultural complex demonstrating the traditional homestead crafts and front porch music of the Ozark Mountains and prehistoric Native American mounds. Visit a diamond mine where you’ll search for “finders keepers” gems. Take a ride on a riverboat, take a swamp tour, or embark on many other adventures available in Arkansas.

Whether you’re planning a romantic week-end getaway, your next family adventure, or a sportsman’s holiday, Arkansas is a great destination for all seasons.

Enjoy your visit to Arkansas and welcome to Ozark Mountain Legends!

Kathy R. Weiser-Alexander

An early morning view east of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Kathy Weiser- Alexander.

An early morning view east of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Kathy Weiser- Alexander.

A diamond on a red field represents the only place in North America where diamonds have been discovered and mined. The twenty-five white stars around the diamond mean that Arkansas was the twenty-fifth state to join the Union. The top of four stars in the center represents that Arkansas was a member of the Confederate States during the Civil War. The other three stars represent Spain, France and the United States, countries that had earlier ruled the land that includes Arkansas.