Fort Maison Rouge, Texas


Fort Mason Rouge, Texas

Fort Mason Rouge, Texas

Fort Maison Rouge, Texas was the home and citadel of pirates Jean and Pierre Laffite situated on the gulf coast.

Built in 1817, the block-long site was once armed with 36-pound cannons inside and a battery of 42-pounders outside. Jean Lafitte’s home was luxuriously furnished with booty from captured ships. The pirates; however were run out in 1821, but before leaving they burned their homes, buildings, and the fort itself, before sailing to Yucatan. What was left was destroyed by a hurricane in the 1800s.

Jean Lafitte, pirate

Jean Lafitte, pirate

In 1870, a new structure was built over old cellars and foundations of Maison Rouge. Today, that building, too, is in ruins. The site is designated by a Texas Historical marker. It is located in Galveston, Texas.


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