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Where law ends, there tyranny begins.
—  William Pitt

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Featured Articles:

Burton Alvord – Lawman Turned Outlaw

The Apache Kid – Outlaw Legend of the Southwest

James Averell – Unjustly Hanged

Bad Men of Texas

Rattlesnake Dick Barter’s Stolen Loot

James Berry – A Little Known Outlaw From Missouri

Big Nose George Becomes a Pair of Shoes

Big Springs, Nebraska Train Robbery

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid.

Billy The Kid – Teenage Outlaw of the Southwest

Billy the Kid – Fatal Shot in the Dark by Pat Garrett

The Real Billy

The Bloody Benders of Labette County, Kansas

The Bloody Espinosas – Terrorizing Colorado

Jules Beni – Corruption and Violence in Old Julesburg, Colorado

Isaac Black – Oklahoma Outlaw

Bill Booth – A Notorious Slayer in Wyoming

Dutch Henry Born – Biggest Horse Thief in the American West

Black Bart, Outlaw

Black Bart, Outlaw

Charles “Black Bart” Bowles – The Poet Outlaw

Henry Newton Brown – Robbing the American West

Hoodoo Brown – Dodge City Gang Leader

Butch Cassidy, aka Robert Leroy Parker

Cattle Kate – Mystery of a Lynching

Cherokee Bill – Terror of Indian Territory

Will “Black Jack” Christian – Leading the High Fives Gang

Outlaw William Coe and His Missing Loot

Joel Collins – Cowboy Outlaw of the Black Hills

Bill Cook – Leading the Cook Gang in Oklahoma

Bob Dalton, leader of the outlaw Dalton Gang

Bob Dalton, leader of the outlaw Dalton Gang

Dalton Gang – Deadly Boys of Kansas

Big Jack Davis – Nevada Outlaw

Pony Deal – Outlaw & Gunfighter of the Southwest

Desert Outlaws

The Desperado of the Plains

The Notorious Dodge City Gang of Las Vegas, New Mexico

First Train Robbery On The Pacific Coast

Robert Ford – Jesse James’ Killer

Gangsters, Mobsters & Outlaws of the 20th Century

Charles A. “Jack” Harris – Saloon Keeper & Highway Man

Alexander Harvey – Desperado of the Fur Trade

Boone Helm – Murderer, Cannibal & Thief

H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes

H. H. Holmes and the Murder Castle of Chicago

The Imitation Desperado

The Vicious Harpes – First American Serial Killers

Harry Head – Arizona Outlaw

John Heath and the Bisbee Massacre

Marion Hedgepeth – A Dapper Outlaw

Highwaymen of the Railroad

Robert Woodson Hite – Member of the James Gang

John Henry “Doc” Holliday – Deadly Doctor of the West

H.H. Holmes and the Murder Castle of Chicago

Jimmy Hope – King of the Bank Robbers

The Lawless Horrell Boys of Lampasas, Texas

Jesse James – Folklore Hero or Cold-Blooded Killer?

Frank – The Other James Boy

James-Younger Gang

The James-Younger Gang – Left to right: Cole” Younger,
Jesse Woodson James, Bob Younger, and Frank James.

The James-Younger Gang – Terrorism in the Heartland

Kit Joy – The Evolution of a Train Robber

Thomas “Black Jack” Ketchum – Unjustly Hanged

The Land of the Desperado

“Clubfoot” George Lane – Outlaw Shoemaker?

John M. Larn – Vigilante, Outlaw, Lawman

The Lee Gang – Murder and Thievery on the Texas Border

Buckskin Frank Leslie – Another Tombstone Rowdy

Harvey Logan, aka “Kid Curry” – Wildest of the Wild Bunch

Wild Bill Longley – A Dangerous Man in Dangerous Times

Lynchings & Hangings of America

The Lynching of “Big Steve” Long

Samuel “Wolfman” Mason Takes On the Natchez Trace

Mysterious Dave Mather

Mysterious Dave Mather

Mysterious Dave Mather – Lawman or Outlaw?

Gunplay Maxwell – Utah Gunfighter & Outlaw

Sherman McMasters – Outlaw or Lawman?

“Doc” Middleton – The King of Horse Thieves

Modern Bad Men

Joaquin Murrieta – Patriot or Desperado?

Jim Murphy – Betrayer of the Bass Gang

Old Convict’s Gravesite Near Safford, Arizona

Outlaws of the Mountains

Alfred Packer

Alfred Packer

Alfred G. Packer – Colorado Cannibal

The Passing Of Peg-Leg

Henry Plummer – Sheriff Meets a Noose

Henry Plummer by Emerson Hough

Queho – Renegade Indian Outlaw

The Reno Gang & the First Big Train Robbery

Dirty Dave Rudabaugh – Feared by Billy the Kid

John Selman – Wicked Lawman and Vicious Outlaw

Shootout at the Pembina Post Office

Cyrus Skinner – Gold Field Outlaw

Sally Skull – The Scariest Siren in Texas

Joseph Slade – Hanged By Vigilantes

Pete Spence – Escaping the Wrath of the Earps

Belle Starr, the Bandit Queen

Belle Starr, the Bandit Queen

Belle Starr – The Bandit Queen

Henry Starr – Cherokee Bad Boy

Wham Paymaster Robbery Near Pima, Arizona

William “Russian Bill” Tattenbaum, the Noble Outlaw

John Turnow – The Wild Man of the Wynoochee

Big Dave Updyke – Crooked Sheriff of Ada County, Idaho

The Valenzuela Gang of Arizona

Tiburcio Vasquez – California Desperado

Hank Vaughan – The Unhappy Horse Thief



Vigilantes and Bad Men of Arizona

Charles Waggoner – Colorado Robin Hood

Fred Waite – Chickasaw Outlaw Turned Politician

John Joshua Webb – Lawman Turned Outlaw

George “Red Buck” Weightman – Vicious Oklahoma Desperado

Erastus “Red” Yager – Another Innocent Man?

Zip Wyatt – Notorious Oklahoma Hombre

Compiled by Kathy Alexander/Legends of America, updated December 2021.

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