Fort Bend, Texas


Fort Bend (1822-1837) – Built in a large bend of the Brazos River in November 1822 by Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred, this log blockhouse was established to protect area settlers from Indian raids. A settlement soon grew up around the post, which became important during the Texas Revolution.

The Fort Bend crossing was briefly defended in April 1836 by a rear guard detachment led by Wiley Martin. After Martin was maneuvered out of the position, General Antonio López de Santa Anna transported a portion of his Mexican army across the Brazos River. After Santa Anna’s defeat at the Battle of San Jacinto, the site was used briefly by the Texas army.

Troops under Thomas Jefferson Green, who were in pursuit of retreating Mexican forces led by General Vicente Filisola, halted for a short time in mid-May 1836 at Fort Bend. Because Fort Bend had been the center of activity in the area its name was given to the county when it was established in 1837. The next year, nearby Richmond was selected as the county seat and soon absorbed the smaller Fort Bend settlement. In 1936 the Texas Centennial Commission erected a monument to commemorate Fort Bend’s role in the Texas Revolution.

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