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Whiting Bros on the Mother Road


It was during the same year that Route 66 began to be built that the Whiting Brothers discovered that with just a little lumber from their father’s mill, they could easily construct a profitable gas station. Originally founded in Saint John, Arizona in 1926, Whiting Brothers Station soon became a familiar sight all along Route 66, as well as other areas in the Southwest. Read about the Whiting Bros On the Mother Road.


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Oregon Trail pioneers pass through the sand hills, painting by William Henry Jackson


On May 16, 1842, the first organized wagon train on the Oregon Trail set out from Elm Grove, Missouri, with more than 100 pioneers. On May 22, 1843, with up to 1,000 settlers, livestock, and more, the Great Migration departed to follow the same route from Independence, Missouri, arriving in the Willamette Valley in a massive wagon train. Hundreds of thousands more would follow, especially after gold was discovered in California in 1849. Start your journey on the Oregon Trail HERE.

Cynthia Parker, 1861 with infant daughter

Cynthia Parker, 1861 with infant daughter


On May 19, 1836, Fort Parker, Texas was attacked by Comanche warriors, along with allies from the Kiowa and Kichai tribes. 11-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped and would go on to become the mother of Quanah, who is called the ‘last Comanche Chief’. Read about her incredible story HERE.

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Medicine Wheel & the Four Directions


Bighorn Medicine Wheel courtesy Wikipedia

Native Americans have a deep connection to nature that is referenced in helping establish and maintain balance, health, and wellness. Nature is referred to as “Mother Earth” and because of her significance, she has been adopted into numerous customs and traditions. One example of this concept is the medicine wheel, which symbolically represents perfection as well as the circle of life. Learn about the Medicine Wheel & the Four Directions.


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“Uncle Dick” Wootton – American Frontiersman

Wootton Ranch on the Santa Fe Trail


American frontiersman, mountain man, trapper, and guide, Richens Lacy “Uncle Dick” Wootton was born in Mecklenburg County, Virginia on May 6, 1816. Wooton played an important role on the Santa Fe Trail, building a 27-mile Toll Road through Raton Pass.  Read about “Uncle Dick” Wootton – American Frontiersman.


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America’s Haunted Hospitals Will Make You Shiver


While tales of haunted houses, hotels, and even schools throughout America are enough to make you shiver, it’s the tales of the haunted hospitals and asylums that are downright terrifying. With histories that are packed with abuse, torture, death, and mental anguish, it’s no wonder that America’s haunted hospitals are populated with the ghosts of the deceased, who roam the halls and corridors looking for justice they will never find. Enter if you dare, America’s Haunted Hospitals. 


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