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From Legends’ Photo Print Shop

“I am really happy with the print I received. The quality of the paper used was very good and I was surprised at how quick it arrived to me in the UK. I had spent a while looking for the perfect picture to buy as a gift and your site had a great selection of the type I was looking for.  Best wishes, Lyndsay”

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From Legends’ Photo Print Shop

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Goliad-Presidio La Bahia - Mission

Goliad, TX – Presidio La Bahia Loreto Chapel. Photo by Kathy Weiser-Alexander, December 2016. Click for prints & products.

Did You Know?  

  • The first gold strike in the Old West was made by Jose Ortiz in 1832 south of Santa FeNew Mexico, in what would quickly become the boom town of Delores.
  • Buffalo, which were strewn across the Great Plains after the mass buffalo hunts of 1870-1883, were bought by Eastern firms for the production of fertilizer and bone china. “Bone pickers” earned eight dollars a ton for the bones.
  • By the 1600’s beaver was extinct in Great Britain and extremely scarce in other parts of Europe, giving rise to a great demand for American beaver skins and thus the many trappers that would roam the vast west.

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More than 2,000 years ago, this vast land was inhabited by settlers of the Basketmaker culture, which later evolved into permanent towns of cliff dwellings and pit houses, the ruins of which can still be seen in New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. There’s a lot to see and learn from in the American Southwest, a great Winter travel destination.

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Legends Old West Book Package

Package deal of books (paperback) by Kathy Weiser-Alexander and Legends Of America. Includes ‘Old West Lawmen’, ‘Lynchings, Hanging’s & Vigilante Groups’, and ‘Frontier Slang, Lingo & Phrases’. Save over 20% off suggested retail. Also, see details of our BONUS OFFERs of additional Legends’ books with more savings.

If you love Route 66, enjoy coloring, and like to share with others, this book is for you! The Route 66 Postcard Coloring Book contains 20 postcards of various places along America’s Mother Road, each ready for your own artistic touch. Made in Missouri, U.S.A.  For more information, visit Legends’ General Store.

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Dave and Kathy in Tombstone

Dave and Kathy during their visit to Tombstone, AZ in 2007

Lots of folks think Legends of America is a big corporation with dozens of employees — because we’ve been around so long & provide thousands of web pages — Nope, we’re not.

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Though we are a small Mom & Pop “shop”, we have decades of customer service & business experience between the two us — in both large and small organizations. With an entrepreneurial dream, we launched Legends of America in 2003.

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