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The Peshtigo Firestorm of 1871

Peshtigo Fire_Harpers Weekly Nov25, 1871

The Peshtigo Fire, illustration in Harpers Weekly, November 1871.

While history recorded the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 as one of the worst in American history, the headlines overshadowed a greater tragedy due to the slow spread of the news.  October 8, 1871, the same day as the Chicago fire, between 1,200 to 2,500 American’s lost their lives, and 1.2 million acres of land were burned in the Upper Midwest, in what is known as the Peshtigo Firestorm of 1871, the deadliest in United States recorded history. Read More…


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Theodore Roosevelt as a young man.

Theodore, who was often called “Teddy,” was born in New York City, New York on October 27, 1858. Teddy was a military officer, author, naturalist, cowboy, and conservationist. He was also the 26th President of the United States. Meet Rough Riding Theodore Roosevelt

Mormon Handcart Pioneers

The trek was disastrous for two Mormon Handcart companies, which started their journey dangerously late and were caught by heavy snow and severe temperatures in central Wyoming. Despite a dramatic rescue effort that began in early October 1856, more than 210 of the 980 pioneers in these two companies would die along the way. Read about the Mormon Handcart Tragedy…

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Navajo Skinwalkers – Witches of the Southwest


Skinwalker, a Navajo WitchFor the Navajo people, witchcraft is just another part of their spirituality and one of the “ways” of their lives. As such, witchcraft has long been part of their culture, history, and traditions. Witches exist alongside humans and are not supernaturals. Read about Skinwalkers – Witches of the Southwest.


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Death Valley Ghost Towns


20-Mule Team hauling Borax in Death Valley

Since the 1848 discovery of gold in CaliforniaDeath Valley has experienced over 140 years of boom and bust mining, creating a number of ghost towns in the area. Little did those many miners passing through the area in 1849 know that there were vast deposits of gold, silver, copper, and borax just waiting to be taken out of the mountains and valley floor. Read about Death Valley Ghost Towns…


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Buildings in the ghost town of Bodie, California.




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Haunted Skirvin Hotel

Skirvin Hotel Postcard

Vintage Postcard, Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


The Skirvin Hotel, built in 1910 by oilman W.B. Skirvin, was determined to have the finest hotel in the Southwest. Opening its doors in 1911, the plush hotel had two 10-story towers containing 224 rooms, was one of the first buildings in Oklahoma CityOklahoma to have air conditioning, then called “iced air,” had running ice water in each room, a ballroom that seated 500, and imported Austrian chandeliers that cost more than $100,000 each. Today it has a few lingering past residents as well. Read about the Haunted Skirvin Hotel…


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Haunted Lane, 1889



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