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Alcatraz, Califotnia Lightning


Autumn Road Trip – Scenic 7 Byway – Meandering Through Arkansas

Mount Magazine, AR

Named by many as one of the ten most beautiful drives in all of the USA, the Scenic 7 Byway passes through Arkansas’ varied geographical regions with views of coastal plains, rolling hills, dense pine forests, and mountain ranges. The entire route passing from north to south through central Arkansas was designated as the state’s first scenic byway. Let’s explore some fall colors… travel Arkansas’ Scenic 7 Byway.

More Byways & Historic Trails – Great Drives in America

Linn Cove Viaduct, Blue Ridge Parkway near Linville, North Carolina by Carol Highsmith


Did you know?

Chicago Fire, 1871 by Currier & Ives

On the night of October 8, 1871, the city of Chicago would see the beginnings of one of the largest disasters of the 19th Century that would leave at least 300 people dead, and destroy over 3 square miles of the city. Read about the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Fort Yellowstone in 1910

The National Park Service Act was signed on August 25, 1916. Soon after, soldiers were discharged from the Army to form the first ranks of park rangers and a maintenance force. The National Park Service took over protection of Yellowstone National Park, “by arrangement with the War Department, and with its hearty cooperation,” on October 1, 1916. Though local opposition resulted in one last episode of Army residency, the National Park Service assumed full administrative responsibilities in 1918. Read more about Fort Yellowstone, Wyoming – Preserving the First National Park.


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William Galloway – American Industrialist

William Galloway and his manure spreader around 1905.

Do you know what the thread linking Fred and Augie Duesenberg, Maytag appliances, and an obscure manufacturer of tractors and farm machinery is? The answer is William Galloway. Learn more about this industrialist here…

Begin your learning adventure through American History

American History


Teihiihan – The Little Cannibals of the Plains

Cannibal Dwarf

Among the most dreaded figures in the lore of the Plains Indians were child-sized dwarves that were incredibly strong, very aggressive, bloodthirsty, and often attacked in large numbers. Read about the Native legend of Teihiihan – The Little Cannibals of the Plains.

Explore More Native America

American Tribes Poster


Ben Thompson & Other Noted Gunmen

Ben Thompson

“Courage to step out and fight to the death with a pistol is but one of three qualities a man must possess in order to last very long in this hazardous business. A man may possess the greatest amount of courage possible and still be a pathetic failure as a “gunfighter,” as men are often called in the West who have gained reputations as “man-killers.” Read this 1907 article from Bat Masterson “Ben Thompson & Other Noted Gunmen”.

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The Old West

The Old West


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The New Corral Motel in Victorville, California still welcomes Mother Road Travelers today. Photograph by Emily Priddy.


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