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The Old West

The Old West



Fort Monroe, Virginia – Largest Stone Fort

Fort Monroe Moat by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Fort Monroe is a military installation overlooking the Chesapeake Bay in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The largest stone fort ever built in the United States, it is also the only moat-encircled fort remaining in active duty. Take a history tour of Fort Monroe HERE.


More Destinations in America

Buckskin Mountain State Park, Arizona



Did you know?

19th Century illustration of the Ashtabula Disaster.

December 29, 1876, the Ashtabula, Ohio Railroad Disaster, often referred to simply as the Ashtabula Disaster or the Ashtabula Horror, was one of the worst railroad disasters in American history. Read more here…


Kit Carson, Indian Scout

Born December 24, 1809, American frontiersman, trapper, soldier and guide, Christopher Carson, better known as Kit Carson, is one of the great heroes of the Old West. Read more about Kit here…

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Company Towns in America

Kempton, West Virginia Company Town

As part of the labor market, company towns were economic institutions that were popular at the turn of the 20th century. In many cases, these towns were developed in remote locations to service mining, railroad construction, logging, dam sites, factories, and war-industry camps. Far from other established towns, the companies generally owned all the buildings, businesses, and homes.  Learn more about Company Towns of America.

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Wounded Knee Massacre

Wounded Knee Battlefield, South Dakota

The Wounded Knee Massacre, a regrettable and tragic clash of arms occurring on December 29, 1890, was the last significant engagement between Native Americans and soldiers on the North American Continent, ending nearly four centuries of warfare between westward-bound Americans and the indigenous peoples. Learn more about this dark time in Native American relations here…


Explore More Native America

American Tribes Poster




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Fort Smith National Historic Site

Fort Smith Commissary Storehouse, October, 2007


On the isolated edge of the American Frontier, Fort Smith, Arkansas was established on Christmas day, 1817. Under the command of Major William Bradford, the soldiers’ initial task was to keep the peace between the Cherokee and Osage tribes. Let’s Go Adventure to Fort Smith National Historic Site.


Forts & Presidios Across America

McNair Hall, Fort Sill, Oklahoma Headquarters



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