The Vice-Laden West

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From whiskey, drugs, sporting women, and outlaws, to scandal, sex, sin, and saloons, the Wicked West was filled with both glitz and grits. See more of the Vice-Laden West.


Mining and Murder in Ruby, AZ

Ruby, AZ- Mercantile Window

Looking out the window of the Ruby Mercantile, 2007. Photo by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Ruby, Arizona, is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in the state, filled with history, including lawlessness, murder, and mayhem, not to mention dozens of great photographic opportunities.  Read more…


Let’s Explore Ghost Towns of America



Did You Know?

Boston Tea Party by D. Berger


December 16, 1773, Samuel Adams became the primary mover in what is known as the Boston Tea Party. Learn More…


The Cardiff Giant

December 10, 1869, New York resident George Hull admits his “giant” find is a fake, solidifying the phrase “there’s a sucker born every minute.” Read more about the Cardiff Giant here…

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Berry Christmas Holiday – Handcrafted Herbal Soap (4oz)

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Sitting Bull – Lakota Chief and Holy Man


Sitting Bull, D.F. Barry, 1885

On December 15, 1890, Sitting Bull lost his life at the hands of Indian Police doing the government’s bidding to put a halt to “The Ghost Dance”. It is not easy to characterize Sitting Bull, of all Sioux chiefs most generally known to the American people. There are few to whom his name is not familiar, and still fewer who have learned to connect it with anything more than the conventional notion of a bloodthirsty savage. The man was an enigma at best. He was not impulsive, nor was he phlegmatic. He was most serious when he seemed to be joking. He was gifted with the power of sarcasm, and few have used it more artfully than he. Read more about this incredible man in this article by Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa) in 1918.


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Indian Council of War



Road Trip on the Oatman Highway

Oatman Road from Kingman, Arizona by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.


Looking for a Mother Road experience? Traveling west from Kingman to Oatman, the adventure on Route 66 is a great start to fun and history ahead. Explore more HERE…

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Steps to Counteract Sickness While Traveling

A Sick Chum, 1908


Possibly one of the worst times to get sick is when you’re traveling, as you’re nowhere near the creature comforts that help you feel that little bit better. Nonetheless, these things do happen. Here’s what to do in case this happens to you…


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