Fort Belmont, Kansas

Jayhawkers and Bushwackers fight it out over Kansas becoming a free state or a pro-slavery state.

Jayhawkers and Bushwackers fight it out over Kansas becoming a free state or a pro-slavery state.

Situated two miles west of present-day Buffalo, Kansas in Woodson County, Fort Belmont was built in 1860 to protect area settlers from both Indians and Missouri  Bushwhackers during the strife of the Kansas-Missouri Border War.

Situated in a wooded area on Sandy Creek, the fort was built near the Belmont Trading Post, which was established in 1856. The post included Officers’ quarters in 3-4 small cabins south of the actual fort, which was an earth embankment with logs as a roof. A parade ground was located east of the officers’ quarters. The post was manned by companies from the Kansas 16th Regiment.

For a brief period of time, an Indian Agency was located at the post to service the Osage and Creek Indians of the area. The post never saw any military action during the Civil War and Indian agency was discontinued in October 1864. By the end of the month, the fort was abandoned. Though the fort continued to stand until about 1871, it quickly deteriorated and there are no remains today.


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