Indian Wars, Battles & Massacres


Brule War Party

Brule War Party

I have no more land
I am driven away from home
Driven up the red waters
Let us all go
Let us all go die together

— Anonymous Creek Woman



The Arikara War – The First Plains Indian War

Arizona Indian Battles

The Battle of Beecher Island

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Battle of the Little Bighorn by C.M. Russell

Battle of the Little Bighorn by C.M. Russell

Battle of Little Big Horn

Bloody Island Massacre

California Indian Battles

The Cayuse War

Colonial Era Indian Wars

Colorado Indian Battles

Conflicts by State

Diminishing the Indians in California

Idaho Indian Battles

Indian Attacks at Pawnee Rock, Kansas

Indian Troubles During the Construction of the Railroad

Indian Wars of the Frontier West by Emerson Hough

General George Custer's Camp

General George Custer’s Camp

Indian War Campaigns & Battle Summaries

Indian Wars Timeline

John Colter’s Escape From the Blackfoot

Kansas Indian Battles

The Marias Massacre

Military Campaigns of the Indian Wars

Modoc War

Montana Indian Battles

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Nebraska Indian War Battles & Massacres

Nevada Indian Battles

New Mexico Indian Battles

North Dakota Indian Battles

Oklahoma Indian Battles

The Sand Creek Massacre

Sioux Indian Wars

Soldiering Begins in the American West

South Dakota Indian Battles

Texas Indian Battles

Three Indian Campaigns

Utah Indian Battles

Utter-Van Ornum Massacre, Idaho

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

Washington Conflicts, Battles & Wars

Whitman Massacre National Historic Site

Winning The West: The Army In The Indian Wars

Wyoming Battles, Skirmishes and Massacres of the Indian Wars


When a white army battles Indians and wins, it is called a great victory, but if they lose it is called a massacre.

– Chiksika, Shawnee

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