Fort Brooks, Kansas

Indian Attack by Charles Marion Russell

Indian Attack by Charles Marion Russell

In 1864, Indians were regularly attacking Cloud County, Kansas and soon the locals organized the 17th Kansas State Militia with Colonel J.M. Scholley leading the group. This was the first military organization in the county and first saw duty in scouting that summer.

When the appearance of Indians forced many homesteaders to flee their land in August 1864, the militia determined to build a fort. Situated on Ensign George D. Brooks’ land, the post was named for the soldier. A blockhouse was built, the militia began to patrol the area, and many homesteaders returned to their claims. In November 1864 the settlers requested Fort Riley’s commander send soldiers to help guard the area, however, no troops were sent.

When the Indian problems ceased, George Brooks used the blockhouse for stables

The temporary fortress was located in northeastern Cloud County on the left bank of the Republican River near the present-day town of Clyde, Kansas.

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