Discovery and Exploration of America


Spanish Explorers

Spanish Explorers

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A Century Of Exploration

An Early Sketch of Oregon Country

Corps of Discovery – The Lewis & Clark Expedition

Discovery and Exploration of the Sunshine State

Discovery of the Rocky Mountains

Early American History

Explorer List – Index to American Explorers

Explorers, Scouts, Trappers & Traders Slideshow

Explorers, Trappers, & Traders in American History

John Jacob Astor & the American Fur Company

William Becknell

Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonneville

Daniel Boone

James Bridger

Christopher “Kit” Carson

Beaver Island, site of old Kaskaskia, Illinois

Beaver Island, site of old Kaskaskia, Illinois

Touissant Charbonneau

The Chouteaus

William Clark

John Colter

Christopher Columbus

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Hernando De Soto

Mike Fink

Fur Trade Companies

Alexander Harvey

Meriwether Lewis

Benjamin “Ben” Vernon Lilly

Manuel Lisa

Lucien B. Maxwell

Kenneth McKenzie

Zebulon Montgomery Pike


Hiram Scott

George C. Sibley

Jedediah Strong Smith

Captain John Smith

Hernando De Soto



Ceran St. Vrain

William L. Sublette

Richens Lacy “Uncle Dick” Wootton

The Mississippi River and Expansion of America

Overland Trails

A Sketch of the Early “Far West”

The Spanish Explore America

Struggle For Possession – The First Emigrants

Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny

The Wilderness Road Opens Kentucky


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