Fort Zumwalt, Missouri


Fort Zumwalt, Missouri

Fort Zumwalt, Missouri

Fort Zumwalt (1798-1815) – Located in present-day O’Fallon, Missouri, this frontier fortress was originally built by Jacob Zumwalt. In the beginning it included only a log cabin for his family; however, when the War of 1812 erupted, he enlarged the home with two wings, added portholes to the walls, and enclosed it within a stockade fence. It soon became a gathering place for area settlers during Indian uprisings. Zumwalt sold his property in 1817, and in 1837, it sold again to Major Nathan Heald who built a large home in 1884.

Today the site is the Fort Zumwalt Park. Amazingly, a stone chimney with two fireplaces of the original Zumwalt home continues to stand. In 2015 a reconstructed fort opened for the public to enjoy. The park also includes the historic Darius Heald home, which has been restored.


By Kathy Weiser-Alexander, updated January 2018.

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