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What's New!


Amana Heritage Museum in Amana, IowaAmana Colony - The Community of True Inspiration - The Amana Colonies, a historic utopian society located in the rolling hills of Iowa's River Valley, were established shortly before the Civil War by a group of German-speaking European settlers


We're on the road - We're touring the upper midwest for several weeks and blogging about the sites and history we run into along the way.  Follow us in images via the Photo Blog and read about some of our primary destinations in the Travel Blog.  Here's the latest:


Fayette Historic Town Site, Michigan - Dave Alexander 2014Stonington Peninsula and Ghost Town Fayette (Photo Blog) - We made it to Michigan and parked our trailer on the Stonington Peninsula for several days of exploration, including the fantastic and well preserved ghost town of Fayette. See our visit to the Peninsula Point Lighthouse, Fayette Historic Town Site and more in this edition of our Photo Blog.


On to Michigan and the Fayette Historic Town Site (Travel Blog) - Read about the history of Fayette, a small industrial 19th century town on the Garden Peninsula of Michigan that is preserved as an historic town site.  Talk about some interesting history.. read about it in this edition of our Travel Blog.



Lake Life around Bailys Harbor in Door County Wisconsin

A Little Door County (Photo Blog) - We moved on to the Door Peninsula and found lake life on the Bay, along with some history and great photo opportunities. It's easy to understand why this area of Wisconsin attracts so many during the tourist season.


Milwaukee Area and Beer (Photo Blog) - For our time in East Central Wisconsin, we save Milwaukee for last and traveled down from Fond du Lac on Labor Day weekend for some history in German immigration, beer and more. See our visit through images on our Photo Blog.


Fond du Lac to Milwaukee (Travel Blog) - Did you know that Milwaukee was born out of a Bridge War? Read some interesting history of Milwaukee and a little bit of the surrounding area in this post on our Travel Blog.


East Central Wisconsin from Fond du Lac (Photo Blog) - We took a little down time but still explored the area around Fond du Lac and over to Lake Michigan.  See our visit via this photo blog.


Images of Old World Wisconsin (Photo Blog) - Now in our all time favorite list, Old World Wisconsin outdoor museum has something for the entire family to see and do. See our visit in images via this photo blog.


Old World Wisconsin (Travel Blog) - Read about how this outdoor museum came together and the interesting history we found inside via our Travel Blog.


When in Rome... Wisconsin (Photo Blog) - We headed out of Prairie du Chien and across Wisconsin to Kettle Moraine State Park, catching some great views along the way.


Iowa to Wisconsin Via a Field of Dreams (Photo Blog)  - We had a blast at the Field of Dreams movie site before landing in Pikes Peak State Park for some rich Mississippi history.  After browsing the photo blog, read about the history of McGregor, Prairie du Chien and more via the Travel Blog.


Prairie du Chien via a Field of Dreams (Travel Blog) - Read about the Field of Dreams Movie Site along with the history of McGregor Iowa and Prairie du Chien Wisconsin and more in this edition of our adventure in the Upper Midwest.


Amana Colonies - A Tour through Time (Photo Blog) - Images from our visit to the seven communities that make up Amana Colonies in Iowa, an interesting piece of communal history.


Amana Colonies (Travel Blog) - Read about the history of how the Amana Colonies were formed and why "The Great Change" in 1932 was brought about.


Strolling into Iowa (Photo Blog) - We head out of Missouri, catching the sites and history in photos along the way.


We'll see you on the road!


More What's New


Presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac, painting by William AhrendtPresidio of San Ignacio de Tubac (1752-1848) - Also called Fort Tubac, this Spanish built presidio was established by the Spanish Army in 1752 at the site of present-day Tubac, Arizona. For some 50 years prior, the Catholic Church and the Spanish military had been the vanguards of Spanish frontier expansion throughout New Spain.


Mission San Jose, San Antonio, TexasMission-Presidio Life in the United States -The first Spanish missions and presidios were established in the mid 16th Centuryin the Southeast United States and quickly spread throughout New Spain Territory, particularly in the Southwest.



Legends of America Founder/Editor Kathy Weiser-Alexander appears on Investigation Discovery (ID Channel) in an episode of "Evil Kin" about the Bloody Benders, debuting 8pm Central Tuesday 8/12.






The Great AwakeningUtopias in America - During the 18th and 19th centuries there were hundreds of communal utopian experiments in the United States. The Shakers alone founded around 20 settlements. While great differences existed between the various utopian communities or colonies, each society shared a common bond in a vision of communal living in a utopian society.


Early California Women Women on the Move: Overland Journeys to California - Contrasting the experiences of various women who left their homes to put down roots in California during the last quarter of the 18th century to the mid 19th century. Includes women who were part of Spanish explorer, Juan Bautista de Anza's overland expeditions in 1774-75 from what is now Mexico to the San Francisco Bay area; women who lived in California when it was under Spanish (1769-1821) and Mexican (1822-46) control; and women who were drawn to the area following the discovery of gold in 1848.


Suffrage Parade, New York City, 1912The Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913 - When Alice Paul and Lucy Burns returned to the United States after working with the radical wing of the British suffrage movement, they sought to infuse the lethargic American campaign with techniques and strategies that had proven successful across the ocean. Their first activity was mobilizing 5,000 women for a massive suffrage parade on the eve of President-elect Woodrow Wilson's inauguration.


Women votingWomen's Suffrage in the United States - Women's suffrage is the right of women to vote and to stand for electoral office. Limited voting rights were gained by women in some western U.S. states in the late 19th century.


Anarchist bombing in New York City1919 Anarchist Bombings - In 1919, the United States saw violent anarchists target political leaders, law enforcement and others through a series of bombings in several cities.


United State is Voted Dry1919 - United States Year in Review - World War I was over and most Americans were eager for peace and security; but, 1919 would prove to be anything but. We take a look at the turmoil from race riots and strikes to anarchist bombings and the flu in this 1919 year in review.


Church in Watrous, New MexicoWatrous - River Junction on the Santa Fe Trail - The valley where the tiny town of Watrous stands today, has long been a resting and meeting place, beginning with the indigenous tribes of the area. It continued to be a popular stop when the Samuel Watrous and third wife, Josephine Chapin WatrousThe Life & Mysterious Death of Samuel B. Watrous - Rancher and farmer of Mora County, New Mexico for whom the town of Watrous is named. After a long and successful life living along the Santa Fe Trail, he was killed by two gunshots to the head, which remains a mystery today.


The Lucien Maxwell House, Cimarron, New Mexico, 1864Maxwell Ranch on the Santa Fe Trail - One of the most interesting and picturesque regions of all New Mexico was the immense tract of nearly two million acres known as Maxwell's Ranch, through which the Santa Fe Trail ran. ( By Colonel Henry Inman in 1897)


Deadwood, South Dakota StagecoachOverland Mail on the Santa Fe Trail - The Santa Fe line of beautifully painted, elegant mail stages left Independence, Missouri on its first monthly journey on July 1, 1850.


Indian Terrors on the Santa Fe Trail - Almost immediately after Mexican-American War and the addition of the southwest to the United States, the powerful Ute tribe inaugurated a bloody and relentless war against white settlers in the Territory. (By Colonel Henry Inman in 1897)


Raton Pass, New MexicoThe Treacherous Raton Pass on the Santa Fe Trail - Raton Pass, at the border of present day New Mexico and Colorado, was one of the most important, yet treacherous, segments of the Mountain Branch Santa Fe Trail. The pass cut through the snow-capped Sangre de Cristo Mountains, allowing wagons access to the vast western territory.


William Becknell blazes the Santa Fe TrailBranches of the Santa Fe Trail - The historic trade route of the Santa Fe Missouri through Kansas to Santa Fe, New Mexico had two primary branches -- the Cimarron Route and the Mountain Route. During the trail's heydays, both were well traveled for different reasons.


Morris County, Kansas Santa Fe Trail - Continue traveling the old Santa Fe Trail into Morris County, Kansas, where numerous historic sites can still be seen and visited.


Santa Fe Trail, Kansas - Continuing the expansion of Santa Fe Trail history through Kansas into

Osage County, and Waubaunsee and Lyon Counties.


Santa Fe Trail People - Find many of the people who were involved in the trade of the Santa Fe Trail, folks who traveled the pathway, and those who wrote about it. Here, you'll not only find well known names such as folks like Buffalo Bill Cody, William Becknell, and Christopher "Kit" Carson; but, also, many of those small store proprietors, the Indians, who were displaced by the blazing of the trail, and more.

Seth M. Hays, Founder of Council Grove, KansasFrom our Legends Of Kansas PagesSeth M. Hayes, Founder of Council Grove- Seth Hays was a shrewd, colorful, and successful trader, rancher, tavern owner, and publisher. Settling early on the Santa Fe Trail, he founded Council Grove, Kansas.


Legends Of Kansas Pages - Charles H. Withington - Santa Fe Trail Merchant - Withington was one of many who operated a store along the Santa Fe Trail and was involved in the tumultuous days of Bleeding Kansas.


Independence, Missouri Square, 1850Independence, Missouri - Queen City of the Trails - Lying on the south bank of the Missouri River, near the western edge of the state, Independence, Missouri was originally called home to the Kanza and Osage Indians, who called the area Big Spring.



Compiled by Kathy Weiser/Legends of America


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