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Building ruins in the El Polvo area of Redford, TexasRedford & the Lost Mission of El Polvo, Texas - A farming community today, Redford is located about 16 miles southeast of Presidio, Texas along Farm Road 170, which follows the Rio Grande River through both Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend National Park. The settlement of Redford was officially established in about 1876, but, the area had been inhabited for centuries.


Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, CaliforniaScotty's Castle, California - Hidden in the green oasis of Grapevine Canyon in far northern Death Valley, California, the Death Valley Ranch, or Scotty's Castle, as it is more commonly known, is a window into the life and times of the Roaring '20s and Depression '30s. It was and is an engineer's dream home, a wealthy matron's vacation home and a man-of-mystery's hideout and getaway.


Death Valley ScottyWalter Scott, Better Known as Death Valley Scotty - A prospector, performer, and con man, Scott was made famous by his many scams involving gold mining and the iconic mansion in Death Valley, popularly known as Scotty's Castle


The Death of Sheriff Tom Logan - Author Jackie Boor writes about her great-grandfather, Nevada Lawman Tom Logan, and his murder in Manhattan, Nevada near Tonopah, at the hands of Walter Barieau, which made headlines in 1906.


Bunches of updates to our stories, photos, and new slideshows. Check out: Rhyolilte, Nevada; Death Valley National Park; Death Valley Junction, and More.


Fort Bowie, Arizona, 1894Fort Bowie National Historic Site - This was a fun trip that provided us a sense of the lonely isolation that the soldiers experienced while stationed there as well as seeing numerous sites where history was made.


Death Valley's Corkscrew Peak- Dave Alexander, 2015

Winter History Tour:  We're on the road for our Winter history tour of in warmer climates. But, before we got too warm, we decided we need to hit a bit of Route 66 west of Santa Rosa, New Mexico through Arizona, that we haven't done in a decade. Follow our journey in images through our Photo Blog.


Revisiting the Mother Road - Western New Mexico

Along the Painted Landscape of Arizona Route 66

Eclectic Path to Kingman

Our Journey To Death Valley

Death Valley to Yuma Via the Salton Sea

Journey Home Via Arizona, New Mexico and Texas


Riddle Brothers Ranch National Historic Site, OregonRiddle Brothers Ranch - Pioneer Homestead - The old Riddle Brothers Ranch, located in Harney County, Oregon is part of the historic context of pioneer settlement in the American West.


Jean Nicolet arrives in WisconsinWhen Wisconsin Was Discovered - A Parisian mail carrier's son was the first white man to step upon Wisconsin soil. The year was 1634, and King Louis XIII reigned as monarch of France. Thus, by the law of nations relating to new discoveries, Wisconsin became part of New France.


Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox near St. Ignace, Michigan.Paul Bunyan, Hero Lumberjack - Paul Bunyan is a giant lumberjack in American folklore who has long been the hero of the American logging camps. His exploits, which revolved around the tall tales of his superhuman labors, were told by the fires of bunkhouses in the northern camps from Wisconsin to Maine, from Minnesota to Oregon, to Washington and California for decades.


On the Road - Oregon's Main Street: U.S. Highway 99 - In the early part of the 20th century, travel through and between the Pacific Coast states of Washington, Oregon and California was cumbersome. Towns and developing cities were connected haphazardly and, for the most part, the roads were still dirt trails wending through all types of terrain. Authors Jo-Brew and Pat Edwards take us back to when the famed Pacific Highway that answered the problem, and became Oregon's Main Street, U.S. Highway 99.


Americana - Original DesignAmericana - From baseball to apple pie, Thanksgiving to cheeseburgers, Norman Rockwell paintings to a genre of American music having roots in early folk and country styles, Americana is all things American. More specifically, it is those values, traditions, cultures found within the melting pot of the United States.










Central Mine Powder House Ruins, Kathy Weiser-Alexander 2014Central Mine (Copper Ghost Preserved) - The Central Mine in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula was the most productive of all the fissure deposit mines, producing nearly 52 million pounds of copper before playing out. The town that grew around was abandoned, but today it is preserved for all.


Furnace Complex at Fayette Historic TownsiteFayette Historic Townsite - Located on Michigan's Garden Peninsula, Fayette Historic Town Site is a 19th Century, well preserved, company town, that manufactured charcoal pig iron and lime from 1867 to 1891.


Old World Wisconsin - The largest outdoor museum of rural life in the United States, Old World Wisconsin covers some 600 acres and features 60 historic buildings.


The Ioway Tribe - People of Iowa - The Ioway tribe, also known as the Iowa and Baxoje, are a Native American Siouan people. Their name was thought to have been borrowed by the French from Ayuhwa, the Dakota term applied to them, which, signifies “sleepy ones.”  The state of Iowa, where they once lived, was named after them.


Ma-Has-Kah or White Cloud, an Ioway chiefNative Peoples of Iowa - Many different Native American tribes have lived in Iowa over the generations. Each tribe, whether they were residents for centuries, or utilized the land for short periods, had their own culture, language and traditions.


Chippewa - People of the Great Lakes - Also known as the Ojibway, Ojibwe, and Anishinaabe, the Chippewa tribe are one of the largest and most powerful nations, having nearly 150 different bands throughout their original homeland in the northern United States and Canada.


Greetings From Iowa Postcard - custom design by Legends of AmericaIowa - The American Heartland - While visiting Iowa say hello and give a wave to these fine folks as you follow Iowa's National Scenic Byways along the shorelines of the mighty Mississippi River and over the hills above the Missouri River Plains. Trace the footsteps of Lewis & Clark, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Native Americans. Stop at some of the Hawkeye States best attractions including the Bridges of Madison County, Amana Colony, the Field of Dreams, and take a ride along the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad.


Early History of Iowa - The earliest known inhabitants of Iowa were the Mound Builders, which has been shown throughout the years by an abundance of historical evidence. These peoples were followed by American Indians and European explorers.


Amana Heritage Museum in Amana, IowaAmana Colony - The Community of True Inspiration - The Amana Colonies, a historic utopian society located in the rolling hills of Iowa's River Valley, were established shortly before the Civil War by a group of German-speaking European settlers


We toured the Upper Midwest for several weeks and blogged about the sites and history we ran into along the way.  See our journey in images via the Photo Blog and read about some of our primary destinations in the Travel Blog.  Links to all provided below.


Leelanau Peninsula and a Bit of Indiana (Photo Blog) - We've wrapped up our tour of history in the Upper Midwest after traveling up and down the Leelanau Peninsula and then exploring Amish country in Indiana.  See our latest Photo Blog.


Mackinac Bridge, Michigan - Dave Alexander September 2014Toodlin' Down to St. Ignace (Photo Blog) - We took a more leisurely stroll from Hancock to St. Ignace for our final days in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  See our quick journey in photos in this latest Photo Blog. 


Abandoned Rail Engine at Quincy Mine Shaft No.2, Hancock, MIKeweenaw Peninsula and Copper Island (Photo Blog) - We hit our ultimate goal of ghost towns and mining camps, surrounded by beautiful blue waters in the Upper Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.  See our journey in images, and be sure to hover over the photos for some fascinating history in this edition of our Photo Blog.


Stonington Peninsula and Ghost Town Fayette (Photo Blog) - We made it to Michigan and parked our trailer on the Stonington Peninsula for several days of exploration, including the fantastic and well preserved ghost town of Fayette. See our visit to the Peninsula Point Lighthouse, Fayette Historic Town Site and more in this edition of our Photo Blog.


On to Michigan and the Fayette Historic Town Site (Travel Blog) - Read about the history of Fayette, a small industrial 19th century town on the Garden Peninsula of Michigan that is preserved as an historic town site.  Talk about some interesting history.. read about it in this edition of our Travel Blog.


Presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac, painting by William AhrendtPresidio of San Ignacio de Tubac (1752-1848) - Also called Fort Tubac, this Spanish built presidio was established by the Spanish Army in 1752 at the site of present-day Tubac, Arizona. For some 50 years prior, the Catholic Church and the Spanish military had been the vanguards of Spanish frontier expansion throughout New Spain.

Mission San Jose, San Antonio, TexasMission-Presidio Life in the United States -The first Spanish missions and presidios were established in the mid 16th Centuryin the Southeast United States and quickly spread throughout New Spain Territory, particularly in the Southwest.


Evil Kin - Legends of America Founder/Editor Kathy Weiser-Alexander appears on Investigation Discovery (ID Channel) in an episode of "Evil Kin" about the Bloody Benders, debuting 8pm Central Tuesday 8/12.


Compiled by Kathy Weiser/Legends of America


Legends of America's Photo BlogLegends Blog - Follow our travels as we make our way across AmericaLegends' Photo Blog - Follow our travels as we make our way across America finding bunches of out of the way places, legends, historic sites, ghost towns, and great photo opportunities. Here, is where you'll also get a more personal view of our travels -- from the many great folks we meet, to what we think about the places we visit, and, of course, hundreds of photos & slideshows that we hope you enjoy.


While Legends of America is our Go To site for history, facts, and information; our Photo Blog is our first stop in developing these many articles & will give you little more personal information.


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