Utah – The Beehive State

Welcome to Utah Postcard. Available at Legends' General Store.

Welcome to Utah Postcard. Available at Legends’ General Store.

Utah is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Whether you come for the greatest snow on earth or to take a summer whitewater rafting trip, Utah offers a variety of landscapes and climates. Follow the pioneer trails of the rugged wilderness, visit Old West outlaw hideouts, ski at more than a dozen winter resorts, and climb red rock canyons. Utah has everything but the ocean!

With more than forty state parks, seven national monuments, twenty-nine scenic byways, and a wealth of pioneer history, you will surely find something to thrill you on your trip to Utah. See Utah’s famous attractions and lesser-known yet “worth-a-visit” sites in this beautiful state.

Enjoy your travels in Utah, and welcome to the Legends of the Beehive State.

Kathy R. Weiser

The ghost town of Grafton near Rockville, Utah, by Kathy Alexander.

The ghost town of Grafton near Rockville, Utah, by Kathy Alexander.

Bryce Canyon, Utah. by Dave Alexander.

Bryce Canyon, Utah. by Dave Alexander.

The state seal appears on a blue field. In the center of the seal is a beehive, the state emblem, with a sego lily growing on either side. The sego lily stands for peace. The state motto, “Industry,” means steady effort. The date 1847 represents the year that Brigham Young led the Mormons to  Salt Lake Valley. The date 1896 represents the year that Utah gained admission to the Union of the United States.



The Bear Lake Utah Sea Monster

Bryce Canyon – A Stunning U.S. Travel Destination

The California Trail – Rush to Gold

City of the Saints

Colorado River – A Hardworking Waterway

Dinosaur National Monument

Gunplay Maxwell – Utah Gunfighter & Outlaw

Haunted Camp Floyd & the Stagecoach Inn

History & Haunting of Fort Douglas

The History of the Sovereign States of America

Hovenweep National Monument

Midland Trail – First Transcontinental Auto-Trail

Monument Valley, Utah – Land of Many Stories

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Mountain Meadows – 1889 Account

Primary Assassins

Wagon Train Members, Victims & Survivors

Historical Accounts and Testimony

The Navajo Nation – Largest in the U.S.

Old Spanish Trail

Pony Express – Fasted Mail Across the West

The Shoshone – Continuing the Traditions of Their Ancestors

Utah Forts of the Old West

Ghost Towns & Mining Camps

Carbon County Ghost Towns

Castle Gate – Coal Mining Queen

Cisco – Crumbling in the Relentless Sun

Colton – Railroad Mining Ghost Town

Frisco – A Ten-Year High

Fruita – A Lush Valley in the Desert Terrain

Grafton – Virgin River Ghost Town

Old Iron Town

Kenilworth – A Still Occupied Mining Camp

Sego Canyon – History & Ancient History

Silver Reef – Sandstone Ghost Town

Thompson Springs – Dying in the Desert

Winter Quarters – Hidden Loot in a Ghost Town

Robbers Roost on the Outlaw Trail

Skinwalker Ranch of Uintah County

Utah Photo Galleries

Utah Postcards

Utah Treasure Tales

Lost Loot From Castle Gate

Spring Canyon Treasure

White Cliffs Lost Gold Ledge

Winter Quarters – Hidden Loot in a Ghost Town

Walkara – Horse Thief and Walker War Leader

The White Lady of Spring Canyon, Utah

Writing Credits

Brigham Young – Leading the Mormons

Mormon Handcart Tragedy of 1856

Zion National Park – Rising Above the Virgin River

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