California – The Golden State

California Coastal National Monument, by the Bureau of Land Management

California Coastal National Monument, by the Bureau of Land Management


California Postcard

Greetings from California Postcard, available at Legends’ General Store.


California is rich with history and attractions where you can experience clear blue lakes, vast deserts, the Pacific Ocean, giant redwoods and massive mountains.

There’s plenty to see and do in California whether you’re the outdoor type, a roller coaster fanatic, a history buff or a shopaholic. California provides its visitors with 21 historic missions, 20 million acres of National Forest, 270 state parks, 45 snow resorts, and 26 National Parks. Great history and photo opportunities can be found at Death Valley National Park, Alcatraz IslandCalico Ghost Town, Old Route 66, and lots More.

As you travel around California, you’ll be struck by the state’s astounding cultural diversity and sense of prosperity. You will also be struck by its natural beauty; towering forests, remote wilderness, and significant landmarks.  Its incredible mountains are just hours away from beautiful beaches and deserts.

There is much to experience in California, and you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy your travels in California and welcome to the Legends of the Golden State.

Kathy R. Weiser-Alexander

California Flag – The historic Bear Flag raised at Sonoma on June 14, 1846, by a group of American settlers in revolt against Mexican rule. The flag was designed by William Todd on a piece of new unbleached cotton. The star imitated the lone star of Texas. A grizzly bear represented the many bears seen in the state. The word, “California Republic” was placed beneath the star and bear. It was adopted by the 1911 State Legislature as the State Flag.

Golden Gate Bridge by Carol Highsmith

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, by Carol Highsmith. Click for prints and products.

Death Valley Dunes by Dave Alexander, 2015.

Death Valley Dunes by Dave Alexander. Click for prints, downloads and products.

Vintage and Modern Photographs of California

Vintage and Modern Photographs of California.



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