Featured Lawmen of the Old West


John R. Abernathy – Wolf Catcher & Lawman

John Hicks Adams – Sheriff and U.S. Deputy Marshal

William Davis “Dave” Allison – Lifetime Lawman

Burton Alvord – Lawman Turned Outlaw

David L. Anderson, aka Billy Wilson – Outlaw & Lawman

Peter Anderson – Killed in the Line of Duty

William “Red” Angus – Fighting in the Johnson County War

Orr W. Annis – Oklahoma Lawman

Arizona Rangers

John Barclay Armstrong – Texas Lawman

William “Bill” Arnold – Posseman Killed

Charles Askins – Gunfighter Legend

Ira Aten – Texas Ranger and Cowboy

Lee Atkins – Killed Before Duty

Willard R. Ayers – Deputy Marshal Down

Elfego Baca & The “Frisco War”

Billy Bailey – Cowboy Lawman

Bud Ballew – Gunfighter & Lawman of Oklahoma

Adolph Barrier – San Miguel County, New Mexico Deputy

James Barton – Los Angeles Sheriff Killed in the Line of Duty

Charles Bassett – Dodge City Lawman

Roy Bean – The Law West of the Pecos

Johnny Harris Behan – First Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona

Hamilton Bell – Transforming Wicked Dodge City, Kansas

George Bravin – Tombstone’s British Marshal

Dow Braziel – U.S. Deputy Marshal and IRS Officer

William Milton Breckenridge – Lawman, Surveyor & Author

Richard M. Brewer – Gunman and Lawman

Elijah S. Briant – School Teacher Turned Lawman

Jack L. Bridges – Kansas Lawman

William “Billy” Brooks – Lawman and Horse Thief

Henry Newton Brown – Outlaw Marshal of Kansas

Eli Hickman “Heck” Bruner – Fearless U.S. Deputy Marshal

Seth Bullock – Finest Type of Frontiersman

Sheppard Busby – Marshal Hanged

Edward “Ned” Bushyhead – Cherokee Lawman

Hess Bussey – U. S. Deputy Marshal

Malcolm “Old Grizzly” Campbell – Wyoming Sheriff

Rufus Cannon – Important African-American U.S. Deputy Marshal

William Carr – Heroic Deputy or Outlaw?

Willard Christianson – Mormon Outlaw and Lawman

Scott Cooley – Texas Ranger Turned Killer

Mannie Clements, Jr. – Lawman and Cattleman

Phoebe Couzins – Lady Law

Robert M. Cox – Deputy Marshal Killed

Everett Creekmore – Lawman Turned Outlaw

William R. Cruger – Southern Lawman

Frank Dalton – Brother to the Dalton Gang

Billy Dixon – Texas Plains Pioneer

Fred Dodge – Undercover Detective

John Doherty (Death of a Sheriff – Murder and Conspiracy in the Old West)

James C. Earp – Lesser Known Older Brother

Morgan Earp – Killed in Tombstone, Arizona

Warren Earp – Youngest of the Earp Brothers

Wyatt Earp – Frontier Lawman of the American West

My Friend Wyatt Earp by Bat Masterson

Wyatt Earp in “Arizona The Youngest State”

Virgil Earp – Upholding the Law of the West

Frank B. “Pistol Pete” Eaton – Fastest Draw in Indian Territory

John King Fisher – Texas Gunman, Outlaw, Lawman

George W. Flatt – Kansas Gunfighter and Marshal

Camillus Sidney Fly – Arizona Photographer and Lawman

John Peter Gabriel – Lawman & Gunfighter

Henry Garfias – 1st Marshal of Phoenix

Buck Garrett – Gunfighter and Lawman

Pat Garrett – An Unlucky Lawman

Sam Gay – The Sagebrush Sheriff

Charles Goodnight – Blazing the Cattle Trails

Frank Hamer – Stopping Bonnie & Clyde

John Coffee Hays – Soldier and Texas Ranger

Jack Helm – Texas Lawman

Wild Bill Hickok & The Dead Man’s Hand

Wild Bill Hickok by Emerson Hough

Tom Horn – Wyoming Killer for Hire

James D. Houck – Arizona Pioneer & Lawman

Neil Howie – Lawman and Vigilante

John Reynolds Hughes – Texas Ranger

James B. Hume – California Lawman & Detective

John “Liver Eating” Johnson – Mountain Man and Lawman

Bill Jordan – Gunfighter Legend

John B. Jones – Commanding the Texas Rangers

Fred Lambert – Lawman & Artist of Cimarron, New Mexico

John M. Larn – Vigilante, Outlaw, Lawman

Frank Latta – How Skill Caught a Criminal & Luck Saved the Lawman’s Life

Joseph “Joe” S. LeFors – Fighting Battles with the Wild Bunch

William Sidney “Cap” Light – Texas Marshal and Soapy Smith Man

Lighthorse Police in Oklahoma

The Death of Sheriff Tom Logan

“Big Steve” Long, Outlaw Lawman

Harry Love – Leading the California Rangers

George Maledon – Prince of Hangmen

Bat Masterson – King of the Gun Players

Edward “Ed” Masterson – Killed in the Line of Duty

James “Jim” Masterson – Dodge City Marshal

Mysterious Dave Mather – Lawman or Outlaw?

Daniel Boone May – Protecting the Deadwood Stage

Sherman McMasters – Outlaw or Lawman?

Mike Meagher – Kansas & Oklahoma Lawman

The Men That Tamed the Kansas Cowtowns

Jeff Davis Milton – Long-Term Lawman

Burton C. Mossman – Captain of the Arizona Rangers

U.S. Marshal Evett Nix – Bringing Down the Doolin-Dalton Gang

Tom Nixon – Buffalo Hunter & Lawman

Robert Ollinger – Killer With a Badge

Bass Outlaw – Lawman, Gunfighter, & Texas Ranger

Bass (Baz) Outlaw – Excerpt from the book Whiskey River Ranger

Commodore Perry Owens – Gunfighting Lawman

Nabor Pacheco – Pima County Lawman

Judge Isaac Parker – Hanging Judge of Indian Territory

Peace Officers of Arizona

Junius “June” Peak – Soldier & Texas Ranger

Tom Pickett – Lawman & Outlaw

Allan Pinkerton – Private Eye

The Pinkertons – Operating For 150 Years

Sumner Pinkham – Dead at the Hands of a Gunfighter

Henry Plummer – Sheriff Meets a Noose

John William Poe – Hunting Billy the Kid

Bass Reeves – Black Hero Marshal

Ben Robertson – Lawman Turned Outlaw

Porter Rockwell – Destroying Angel of Mormondom

A.J. Royal – One Bad Pecos County Sheriff

George Scarborough – Sheriff & U.S. Deputy Marshal

John Selman – Wicked Lawman and Vicious Outlaw

Lafayette Augustus Shadley – Lawman

Charles A. Shibell – Arizona Lawman

Charles Angelo Siringo – Cowboy Detective

Ed Short – Cowboy & Lawman

Sam Sixkiller – Captain of the Indian Police

Texas John Slaughter – Taming Arizona

James L. “Whispering” Smith – Riding the Rails

Thomas “Bear River” Smith – Marshalling Abilene

Wells Spicer – Tombstone Judge

Con Stapleton – Deadwood Marshal

Dallas Stoudenmire – Taming El Paso

Sughrue Brothers – Courageous Kansas Lawmen

William E. “Billy” Sutton – Rancher, Lawman, and Gunfighter

The Texas Rangers – Order Out of Chaos

Heck Thomas – Tough Law in Indian Territory

Ben Thompson – Lawman and Gunman

Ben Thompson and Other Noted Gunmen by Bat Masterson

Bill Tilghman – Thirty Years a Lawman

“Dangerous Dan” Tucker – Lawman of New Mexico

Big Dave Updyke – Crooked Sheriff of Ada County, Idaho

U.S. Marshals – Two Centuries of Bravery

Big Dave Updyke – Crooked Sheriff of Ada County, Idaho

Stephen Venard – Goldrush Lawman

Joseph “Joe” W. Ventioner – U.S. Deputy Marshal

Fred Waite – Chickasaw Outlaw Turned Politician

“Bigfoot” Wallace – A Texas Folk Hero

John Joshua “J.J.” Webb – Lawman Turned Outlaw

William Wheeler – U.S. Deputy Marshal in Montana

Fred White – Tombstone’s First Marshal

Harvey Whitehill – New Mexico Miner & Sheriff

Frank Wolcott – Enforcer in the Johnson County War

Jacob “Blake Jake” Yoes – U.S. Marshal

Old West Lawmen, produced by Legends of America, music by Scott Buckley

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