Historic Texas People

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers

Bad Men of Texas

Sam Bass Gang

Sam Bass Gang

Seaborn Barnes – Member of the Sam Bass Gang

Sam Bass – Texas Outlaw

Sam Bass Gang

Bonnie & Clyde – Stars of the Public Enemy Era

James Bowie – Dying at the Alamo

Elijah S. Briant – School Teacher Turned Lawman

Caddo Indian Tribe

Chief Bowl – Cherokee Leader

Emmanuel Clements, Jr.

Emmanuel Clements, Jr.

Emmanuel “Mannen” Clements, Sr.- A Bad Texas Hombre

The Comanche Indians – Horsemen of the Plains

Cynthia Ann Parker – White Woman in Comanche World

Comancheros of the Llano Estacado

Scott Cooley – Texas Ranger Turned Killer

David “Davy” Crockett – Frontier Hero

David Crockett at the Alamo

Timothy Courtright – Lawman and Outlaw

Lottie Deno – Queen of the Paste Board Flappers

William “Billy” Dixon – Texas Plains Pioneer

Bill Earhart – Feuding in the Southwest

James Walker Fannin

James Walker Fannin

James Walker Fannin – Fighting in the Texas Revolution

John King Fisher – Texas Gunman, Outlaw, Lawman

Bud Frazer and the Frazer-Miller Feud

Charles Goodnight – Blazing the Cattle Trails

John Wesley Hardin & The Shootist Archetype

Jack Helm – Texas Lawman

Pink Higgens – Texas Gunfighter

John R. Hughes – Texas Ranger

The Lawless Horrell Boys of Lampasas

Samuel Houston – Texas President

Jean Lafitte – A “Hero” Pirate

John M. Larn – Vigilante, Outlaw, Lawman

Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle

Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle

Sieur de La Salle – French Explorer

The Lee Gang – Murder and Thievery on the Texas Border

John B. Jones – Commanding the Texas Rangers

William Sidney “Cap” Light – Texas Marshal & Soapy Smith Man

Wild Bill Longley – A Dangerous Man in Dangerous Times

William J. McGrew – A Tragic Affair in Montgomery

James Miller – Hired Killer of the Old West

Thomas “Big Foot” O’Folliard- Jesse James Cohort

Bass Outlaw – Lawman, Gunfighter, & Texas Ranger

Martin Parmer – Woodsman Turned Texas Hero

Harry Longabaugh "Sundance Kid" and Etta Place

Harry Longabaugh “Sundance Kid” and Etta Place

Etta Place – Hanging With the Sundance Kid

Fannie Porter – San Antonio’s Famous Madam

Pecos Bill – A Legend of the American West

A.J. Royal – One Bad Pecos County Sheriff

Shelby County Regulators

Sally Skull – The Scariest Siren in Texas

Texas Madam Squirrel Tooth Alice

“Texas John” Slaughter – Lawman

Dallas Stoudenmire – Taming El Paso

Creed Taylor – Soldier and Ranger

The Texas Rangers – Order Out of Chaos

William Travis – Texas Hero Who Died at the Alamo

Bigfoot Wallace

Bigfoot Wallace

“Bigfoot” Wallace – A Texas Folk Hero


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