John “Jack” Hays Taylor- Fighting in the Sutton-Taylor Feud


John “Jack” Hays Taylor (1842-1869) – A gunfighter, Jack was the son of renowned Texas Ranger, Creed Taylor. Though Jack inherited his father’s talent with guns, he obviously didn’t follow in his footsteps as a hero. The Taylors were an anti-Reconstruction southern Texas family and staunch Confederate supporters, which would later lead to the notorious Sutton-Taylor feud. However, before that began, Jack already found himself in trouble. In November, 1867, Jack and his brother Phillip were visiting in Fort Mason, Texas when they were harassed by Union soldiers. When one of the soldier’s knocked Jack’s hat to the ground, Taylor calmly drew his pistol and shot him. More soldiers quickly gathered around the Taylor brothers attempting to arrest them, but a gunfight broke out and the Taylors shot and killed an army sergeant before fleeing out of town. In the meantime, the Sutton-Taylor feud was brewing on their home ground of DeWitt County, Texas.

On August 23, 1869, the Suttons, who were also law officers, had an excuse to go after the Taylor brothers due to the killing of the soldiers. As Jack and Phillip were riding in the early morning near their father’s ranch, they came upon a posse of Sutton “Regulators” led by Jack Helm. When the Sutton group opened fire on the pair, Jack and Phillip fought back. When the smoke cleared Phillip was wounded but able to escape. However, Jack was killed, but not before he had hit five of the “Regulators.”


Kathy Weiser-Alexander, October, 2017.

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