Old West Outlaw List – B

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Abran  Baca – Outlaw Baca, along with two of his brothers, murdered a man named Anthony Conklin in Soccorro, New Mexico in 1880. He was soon captured. His brother, Antonio was killed while attempting to escape. After his brother, Onofre was acquitted and Abran was awaiting his own trial, he was lynched by a vigilante committee, obviously unhappy with Onofre’s release.

Antonio Baca – Antonio, along with two of his brothers, murdered a man named Anthony Conklin in Soccorro, New Mexico in 1880. He was soon captured and while trying to escape jail on December 29, 1880, he was killed by authorities.

Onofre BacaOutlaw Baca, along with two of his brothers, murdered a man named Anthony Conklin in Soccorro, New Mexico in 1880. His brother, Antonio was killed while attempting to escape. Onofre later stood trial but was acquitted in 1881.

Celso Baca – A murderer who beat Jose de la Cruz Sandoval to death in 1884 at Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

Cruz Baca – A murderer, Baca killed W.H. Allen of Hillsboro, New Mexico in February 1887.

Jose Baca – A multiple offender, Baca was sent to prison on November 19, 1906, for the fifth time.

Manuel Baca – Outlaw member of Vicente Silva’s White Caps Gang in the 1890s. His “job” in the gang was to act as the “Judge” who ordered the execution of disloyal gang members.

Patricio Baca (18??-1875) – One of the most notorious horse thieves in northern New Mexico Territory, he was killed in Chimayo in December,  1875.

John Bailey – A cattle rustler, Bailey was shot and killed by Texas Ranger P.E. Baird in Edward County, Texas on July 29, 1884.

Alex BakerOklahoma outlaw Baker was captured and brought in by U.S. Deputy Marsha Bass Reeves.

Cullen Montgomery Baker (1839-1868) – A guerilla soldier during the Civil War, Baker didn’t want to give up the fight once the Confederates lost the war. Afterward, he continued to “fight the war,” ambushing reconstructionists, killing former slaves, and generally terrorizing the State of Texas for four years. Though many Confederate sympathizers considered him a hero and his violent accounts were often romanticized, in reality, he was a merciless killer who murdered not only for his “cause,” but also for any other little thing that displeased him. Operating from the Sulphur River bottoms near Bright Star, Arkansas, authorities blamed him for killing at least 30 people during these years, most of them by ambush or shots to the back. A posse finally caught up with him on January 6, 1869, in Southeast Arkansas and Baker was shot.

Frank Baker (18??-1878) – An outlaw member of the Jesse Evans Gang and a lawman, Baker served as a deputy sheriff in the Lincoln County, New Mexico . Embroiled in the Lincoln County War, he rode in the posse that killed John Tunstall. He was killed by Billy the Kid on March 10, 1878.

Thurman “Skeeter” Baldwin (1867-19??)Oklahoma outlaw and member of the Cook Gang. He was captured after a bank robbery.

“Cherokee” Bangs – A Utah cattle rustler, Bangs led a gang in the 1890s which sometimes included Matt Warner.

“Kid” Bannister – Bannister was killed by a saloon proprietor Tom Cook in Oklahoma City.

Claude Barbee – A wanted Texas outlaw, Barbee was tracked down to a west Texas ranch by a Deputy Hamilton, which erupted into a gunfight and the lawman was killed. Barbee fled, was captured, but escaped.  He was pursued by Pat Garrett, but gave the lawman the slip and made it out to California, where he lived under another name aid died in the 1940s.

John Barber – After robbing a bank in Cisco, Texas in 1887, Barber fled to Oklahoma. He was later killed by U.S. Deputy Marshals, Captain Gideon White and Barney Connelly.

John Barbour – Outlaw member of Whitley-Cornett Gang of Texas in the 1880s. He was later killed in Indian Territory.

Santos Barela – A New Mexico outlaw, Barela was hanged on May 20, 1881, in Mesilla.

Clinton Barkley, aka: Bill Bowen (18??-??) – A Texas gunman wanted for murder, he soon found himself in the midst of the Horrell-Higgins Feud.

Wesley Barnett – An outlaw in Indian Territory in the 1880s, he was killed by lawmen in 1889.

Johnny Barnes (18??-1882) – Member of the Clanton Gang in Arizona, Barnes was shot and killed in 1882, some say by Wyatt Earp.

Seaborn Barnes

Seaborn Barnes

Seaborn Barnes, aka: “Nubbin’s Colt” (1849-1878) Barnes joined the Sam Bass Gang in 1878. He was killed with Bass at Round Rock, Texas in 1878.

Calisto Barrera – A New Mexico outlaw, Barrera murdered John D. Bohn on August 16, 1882, near Sapello, New Mexico.

Will Barry – See William Doolin

Richard “Rattlesnake Dick” Barter, aka: Dick Woods (1834-1859) – A California outlaw, Barter made his living stealing horses and robbing mining camps. Born in Quebec, Canada, Barter migrated to California during its gold rush days, but failing to find gold the legitimate way, he turned to rustling horses. Not known to have ever killed anyone, he nonetheless terrorized the Sierra foothills for over three years from 1856 to 1859. He soon hooked up with brothers, George and Cyrus “Cy” Skinner and they started relieving muleskinners of their loads of gold coming from Nevada City. On July 11, 1859, Barter and Cy Skinner were trapped in a mountain pass near Auyurn, California by Sheriff J. Boggs. In the gunfight that followed, Rattlesnake Dick was killed and a wounded Skinner was taken into custody and given a long prison sentence. Also see: Rattlesnake Dick’s Stolen Loot.

“Kid” Barton – A New Mexico outlaw, Barton led a stage-robbing gang that operated at Raton Pass. He killed several people and was hanged in the late 1860s.

Jerry Barton – A gunfighter, Barton ran a saloon in Charleston, Arizona. At some point, he killed his partner, and later a Mexican man in 1881. He was imprisoned for the second killing.

Tucker Basham – Outlaw member of the James Gang.

Sam Bass

Sam Bass

Samuel “Sam” Bass (1851-1878) – The leader of the Sam Bass Gang, Bass robbed stages in South Dakota and trains in Texas. He and another gang member, Seaborn Barnes, were killed at Round Rock, Texas in 1878.

Anne Bassett (1878-1956) – The daughter or ranch owners at Brown’s Hole, near the Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah border, Bassett became a “member” Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch.

Captain Andrew T. Baugh – A Texas outlaw and cattle rustler, Baugh was lynched in 1885 when caught with a herd of stolen cattle.

Melvin Baughan – When 32-year-old Pony Express employee, Baughan committed murder, he was hanged on September 18, 1868, in Nemaha County, Kansas.

Edward H.O. “Ole” Beck, aka: Edward Welch (18??-1912) – After meeting Ben Kilpatrick in jail, Beck joined up with the Wild Bunch. He and Kilpatrick were both killed during a train robbery on March 13, 1912.

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