Old West Outlaw List – F

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Philip Fall – The brother of gunman Albert Fall, he was a cattle rustler and outlaw who later became a deputy marshal.

Hutch Farley – An Indian scout, he killed the Indian that killed his father at the battle at Beecher’s Island, Colorado in November 1868.

Train Robbery

Train Robbery

Hilary Farrington – Hilary and Levi Farrington were Confederate guerillas under the command of William Quantrill when he burned and sacked Lawrence, Kansas on August 21, 1863. When the Civil War was over, the two became outlaws and robbed the Mobile and Ohio Railroad in Union City, Tennessee in 1870. With the Pinkertons hot on their trails, Hillary Farrington shot William Pinkerton in the side when the detective cornered him on a Kentucky farm.  Though wounded, Pinkerton still managed to subdue Hillary and cuffed his wrists. However, while the pair were en route to Columbus, Kentucky the next day, Hillary broke loose and grabbed Pinkerton’s shotgun. Struggling over the weapon in a death fight, the gun discharged, grazing Pinkerton’s skull and Hilary wrenched it free. However, before the train robber could aim, Pinkerton delivered an angry upper-cut that sent his foe spinning backward over the paddleboat, where he landed on the paddlewheel and was chopped to pieces.  Levi was captured in Farmingdale, Illinois before being lynched by the people of Union City, Tennessee where the robbery took place. More …

Levi Farrington – Like brother, Hilary, Levi was a Confederate soldier, who served under William Quantrill before becoming an outlaw train robber in Oklahoma.

William B. Farris – Outlaw member of the Cook Gang, he was captured after a bank robbery.

Frederick Falkner – An outlaw hanged August 19, 1892.

Jake Felshaw – An outlaw who participated in a train robbery near Bowie, New Mexico on January  6, 1894.

John Fessenden – Outlaw member of the Christian Gang.

Fort Smith, Arkansas Gallows

Fort Smith, Arkansas Gallows

Isaac Filmore – A Choctaw Indian, approximately 17 years-old killed a California traveler passing through Indian Territory for his shoes and $1.50. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on September 3, 1875.

Tom Fields – After robbing a train near Samuels, Texas in 1891, he was captured by Texas Rangers and received a life sentence.

William Finch – An outlaw horse thief, Finch had also deserted from the U.S. Army. When two soldiers were transporting him to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1882 to face charges, he killed them. Convicted of a murder he was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on June 29, 1883.

Jessie FindlayOutlaw Bill Christian’s girlfriend, she was a conspirator in the jailbreak of the Christian Brothers.

Jim Finley – A cattle rustler operating around Socorro, New Mexico, he was killed by Joel Fowler.

Bill Fisher – A Texas outlaw, he was wanted in 1886 for killing J.S. Vaughn. He later arrested and stood trial.

Dick Fisher – A wanted Texas outlaw, Fisher was found dead near Cimarron, New Mexico in 1871.

John King Fisher

John King Fisher

John King Fisher (1854-1884) –  A gunman, outlaw and lawman, Fisher gave up his outlaw ways and became the sheriff in Uvalde County, Texas in 1881. Three years later, both he and his friend, Ben Thompson, were killed in an ambush in San Antonio, Texas.

Mike Fitzpatrick – An outlaw, he shot Judge Halliday in the 1870s and was later killed by Marshal Jack Johnson.

John Flint – An outlaw, Flint killed several men following the Civil War in Doaksville, Indian Territory, and was convicted of murder and hanged by federal authorities.

Juan Flores (1835-1857) – Along with Pancho Daniel, led the notorious Flores-Daniels Gang in the raids of southern California. He was hanged on February 14, 1857.

Henry Floyd – Outlaw member of Bill Henderson’s gang in 1876. He was arrested in Dodge City, Kansas and lynched by a mob in June at Albany, Texas.

W.S. Floyd, aka: William Wardell, Taylor, Simmons – A New Mexico outlaw, he was killed in May 1884 near Flora Vista.

John Flynt – Outlaw member of the Wallington gang, he participated in a train robbery in 1891 in Val Verde County, Texas. He committed suicide during the gun battle that resulted from the train robbery.

Lyman Follett – An outlaw who was involved in the robbery of an Army paymaster on May 11, 1889.

Warren Follett – The brother of Lyman, Warren was also involved in the robbery of an Army paymaster on May 11, 1889.

Samuel Fooy (18??-1875) – Indian outlaw, Samuel Fooy murdered a school teacher named John Emmit Neff for $250. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on September 3, 1875.

Charles Ford (1857-1884) – Born on July 9, 1857 in Ray County, Missouri, Charlie Ford was a member of the James Gang and participated in the Blue Cut, Missouri train robbery in September 1881. The older brother of Robert Ford, that “dirty little coward” who killed Jesse James on April 3, 1882, Charles was also involved in the conspiracy to kill James. Charged with first-degree murder, Charlie was sentenced to hang but was quickly pardoned by the governor of Missouri. Afterward, Charlie heard a rumor that Frank James was searching for both him and his brother, with plans of mortal revenge. For the next two years, Charlie moved from town to town, changing his name several times. No longer able to stand it, he committed suicide on May 4, 1884. Ironically, Frank James had surrendered to authorities and there is no indication that he actually ever pursued Charlie Ford.

Robert "Bob" Ford

Robert “Bob” Ford

Robert Ford (1862-1892) – A wanna-be gunman and member of the James Gang, Ford shot Jesse James in the back of the head on April 3, 1882, as part of a conspiracy to collect the reward on James’ head. He was later pardoned by Governor T.T. Crittenden. He was killed in June 1892 by Edward O’Kelley while running a tent saloon in Creede, Colorado.

Arthur Fraley – A bank robber in Indian Territory.

James French, aka: Big Jim, Frenchy – An Oklahoma outlaw, French operated with Belle Starr and her gang before joining up with the Cook Gang. He was also involved in New Mexico’s Lincoln County War, siding with Billy the Kid and the Regulators. His ultimate demise is unknown, with speculation that he was killed after the Lincoln County War in 1878, killed by a Catoosa, Oklahoma store owner in 1895, or disappeared into South America.

Cesario Frescan – A New Mexico outlaw, he shot and killed Nicanor Garcia near La Mesilla on December 10, 1886.

Edward “Tandy” Fulsom (18??-1882) – A murderer and horse thief in Indian Territory, he was involved in the murders of two men during a saloon fight in 1881. He was hanged on June 30, 1882, at Fort Smith, Arkansas but it was no easy death. When the drop was made, his neck didn’t break and he lingered an hour and three minutes before he was finally pronounced dead.


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