Story of the Outlaw – Study of the Western Desperado

Stagecoach Robber

Stagecoach Robber

A personal favorite, The Story of the Outlaw, by Emerson Hough, includes historical narratives of famous outlaws, stories of noted border wars, vigilante movements, and armed conflicts on the frontier.

The Story of the Outlaw was first published by the Curtis Publishing Co. in 1905 and published again two years later by the Outing Publishing Company, New York, in 1907.

The author of some 34 books and countless magazine articles, Emerson Hough, wrote both factional accounts and historical novels of life in the American West. His works helped establish the Western as a popular genre in literature and motion pictures.

This is the only book, at this time, that appears in its entirety on Legends of America. That being said, readers should note that Hough’s writings, as they appear here, are not verbatim as they have been edited for spelling, grammar, clarity, and ease of the modern reader.



I The Desperado
II   The Imitation Desperado
III The Land Of The Desperado
IV The Early Outlaw
V The Vigilantes Of California
VI The Outlaw Of The Mountains
VII Henry Plummer
VIII Boone Helm
IX Death Scenes Of Desperadoes
X Joseph A. Slade
XII The Desperado of the Plains
XII Wild Bill Hickok
XIII Frontier Wars
XIV The Lincoln County War
XV The Stevens County War
XVI Desert Outlaws (Called Biographies Of Bad Men in original text)
XVII The Fight Of Buckshot Roberts
XVIII The Man Hunt
XIX Bad Men Of Texas
XX Modern Bad Men
XXI Bad Men Of The Indian Nations
XXII Desperados Of The Cities
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Compiled and edited by Kathy Alexander/Legends of America, updated October 2023.

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