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John T. Echols – A murderer and horse thief, Echols shot John Pattenridge in a quarrel over a cattle deal in the Chickasaw Nation of Indian Territory. After he stole the dead man’s horse, he was captured and convicted of murder. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas, on January 14, 1887.

Juan Elvard – A New Mexico outlaw, Elvard was lynched in August 1882 in Socorro.

Joseph M. Edwards – A New Mexico outlaw, Edwards was killed by Sheriff Thomas L. McKinney in Rattlesnake Springs, New Mexico, on May 8, 1881.

Frank “Peg-Leg” Elliott – An outlaw and part-time Dalton Gang member, he was arrested and charged with robbery on October 27, 1891.

Charles Ellis – A Texas outlaw charged with train robbery and murder in 1898.

Elmoreau, aka: Frenchy – An outlaw member of Ike Stockton’s gang, he was lynched in October 1881 in Socorro, New Mexico.

“El Pollo” – A horse thief that was was captured near Socorro, New Mexico, and shot by a lynch mob on February 8, 1869.

Clarence Eno – Outlaw member of the Cookson Hills Gang, he participated in numerous bank robberies in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Rafael Escobar – An outlaw lynched by a vigilance committee at Jackson, California,  in the 1850s.

Dyson Eskridge – An outlaw and murderer, he was a member of Ike Stockton’s gang.

Harg Eskridge – An outlaw rustler and brother of Dyson, he was a member of Ike Stockton’s gang.

Felipe Espinosa (1836? -1863) – Leader of the  “Bloody Espinosas,” who robbed and killed in the 1850s-60s in New Mexico and Colorado. He and his cousin, Julian, were finally killed by mountain man Tom Tobin in 1863.

Julian Espinosa (18?? -1863)  – The oldest of the outlaw “Bloody Espinosas,” who robbed and killed in the 1850s-60s in New Mexico and Colorado. He was finally killed by mountain man Tom Tobin, in 1863.

Vivian Espinosa – The youngest of the outlaw”Bloody Espinosas,” he was killed by posseman Joe Lamb near Cripple Creek, Colorado in 1863.

Selzo Espinoso – A New Mexico outlaw, was lynched on October 6, 1881, in Las Lunas.

Cole Estes – See Cole Young

Tom Evan – An Oklahoma outlaw, Evan robbed a bank with three others in Limestone, Indian Territory, on January  23, 1888, and was killed.

Christopher Evans, aka: Bill Powers (1847-1917)  Born in Vermont in 1847, Evans moved to Canada as a child but returned to the states to serve in the Union Army during the Civil War. After the war, he served as a scout for the U.S. Cavalry. Later he moved to California with his brother Tom and, after working as a prospector for a time, bought some land in Tulare County. Evans soon discovered his neighbors, George and John Sontag, and when they turned to bank and train robberies, Chris joined them. In January 1892, a posse tracked the trio down in a San Joaquin Valley barn. Following the inevitable gunfight, George Sontag was captured, but Evans and John Sontag escaped. Law officers pursued Evans and Sontag, finally catching up with them on September 13, 1893, at Sampson’s Flat, California. Another gun battle took place, lasting some eight hours. When the dust had settled, John Sontag was dead, as well as two deputies. Evans was wounded several times and was dragged unconscious to jail. On December 13th, he was convicted of murder and robbery but escaped with another prisoner. Both were later recaptured. Evans was sent to Folsom Prison in February 1894. After fifteen years, he was released in May 1911 at the age of 64. He then moved to Oregon, where he homesteaded until his death on February 9, 1917.

Daniel Evans – An Oklahoma outlaw, Daniel, along with William Whittington, robbed and killed their traveling companion, 19-year-old William Seabolt, in the Creek Nation of Indian Territory. They were hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas, on September 3, 1875.

Jesse Evans (1853-??) Jesse Evans was an outlaw and gunman of the Old West and leader of the Jesse Evans Gang.


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