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Nah-deiz-az, aka: “Carlisle Kid” (1865-1889) –  A so-called Apache “outlaw,” Nahdeizaz is often confused with the “Apache Kid.”

Charles Nangway – An outlaw, he murdered a rancher on June 3, 1885, near Lake Valley, New Mexico.

Hyman G. Neill, aka: Hoodoo Brown (18??-??) – Outlaw and justice of the peace, he was one of the Dodge City Gang who operated in Las Vegas, New Mexico, before citizens rebelled and ran them out.

Bo Nelson – Outlaw member of Wild Bill Martin’s gang in Lincoln, New Mexico.

John Nelson – A member of Selman’s Scouts following the turmoil of the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. He was killed by a posse led by Juan Patron near Fort Sumner, New Mexico Territory, on October 10, 1878.

George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb Dead

George “Bitter Creek” Newcomb Dead

George “Bitter Creek” Newcomb, aka: Slaughter Kid (1866?-1895) – Newcomb was a member of both the Dalton and the Doolin Gangs, both of which robbed several banks and trains.

Ed Newcome – A bank and train robber and whiskey runner, he was associated with Jesse Jackson and Henry Starr. He was brought in by U. S. Deputies Gideon White and J. C. Wilkerson.

Bud Newman (18??-??) Prominent during the 1890’s Bud Newman was a member of the Taylor Gang of Texas, which made their living robbing trains. Newman, along with Texas cowboys Pierce Keaton and brothers Bill and Jeff Taylor, attempted to rob a train at Coleman Junction, Texas, on June 9, 1898. However, lawmen on the train put up a fierce fight, in which Newman and Keaton were both wounded. In the gunfight, the gang killed train fireman Lee Johnson. The outlaws fled on horseback, but a posse tracked them down just four hours later, capturing all but Jeff Taylor. When Bill Taylor escaped from jail, lawmen made a deal with Bud that he would be freed to help them track down Bill Taylor. Agreeing, Newman went after Taylor, but in a gunfight between the two, Newman was killed. Before he died, Bill Taylor was shot in the leg by Newman and was re-arrested and taken to jail. However, sometime later, he escaped and was never recaptured again.

Jim Newman – A lawman and outlaw, he consorted with John Wesley Hardin in the 1860s. He later lived in Texas and New Mexico.

William Nicholson, aka: Flap Jack Bill – A New Mexico outlaw, Nicholson was lynched by a mob on October 1, 1881, in Sanders, New Mexico.

Jim Nite – An outlaw and member of the Dalton Gang, he was captured by Deputy U.S. Marshal Dee Harkey near Sacramento Sinks, New Mexico, in 1908.

Tom Nixon – An outlaw member of the Black Hills Bandits, Nixon participated in Nebraska’s Big Springs train robbery. He escaped with $10,000 and was never heard from again.

Francisco Nolan – Outlaw member of the Castillo Gang.

Aristotle Nonmjo – A New Mexico outlaw, he was lynched on October 6, 1881, in Las Lunas, New Mexico.


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