The Dalton Gang


Daltons Dead

Daltons Dead

The Dalton Gang was a group of outlaws who primarily operated in Oklahoma and Kansas between 1890-1892. They were also known as the Dalton Brothers because three of its members were brothers. The gang specialized in bank and train robberies.

Though a couple of the Dalton brothers actually served on the side of the law, working as U.S. Deputy Marshals out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, they would quickly turn to a life of crime.

Older brother Frank Dalton, who was never a part of the gang, was commissioned as a Deputy Marshal for the federal court and Bob Dalton served on several of his posses. However, Frank was killed in the line of duty on November 27, 1887, in a gun battle with the Smith-Dixon Gang.

Grat followed Frank’s footsteps, first taking his place as a Deputy Marshal in Fort Smith and two years later, as a Deputy Marshal for the Muskogee court in Indian Territory in 1889. Bob Dalton was also commissioned as a deputy marshal for the federal court in Wichita, Kansas, working in the  Osage Nation, in 1889. However, working on the side of the law would not last for the Dalton brothers as they found an easier way to make a living, by robbing trains and banks in Oklahoma and Kansas

Recruiting new outlaws to their gang, it soon included Dick Broadwell; George Newcomb, who was known as Bitter Creek Newcomb, Bill Power, Charlie Bryant, better known as Black-Faced Charlie, and Bill Doolin; along with the leader Grat Dalton and his brothers Bob, Emmett and Bill.

In the two years they operated, the gang was involved in a number of train and bank robberies before they got involved in the attempted double bank robbery in CoffeyvilleKansas on October 5, 1892. Spotted by locals, a shootout followed the attempted robbery which claimed the lives of Grat and Bob Dalton, Dick Broadwell and Bill Power, as well as four Coffeyville residents. Emmett Dalton, though seriously wounded, was the only one to survive and wound up serving 14 years in prison.

Though Coffeyville killed the majority of the Dalton Gang, four members who may or may not have been involved in the Coffeyville robbery, remained at large. These included Bill Dalton, Bill DoolinGeorge “Bitter Creek Newcomb,” and Charlie Pierce.


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