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William Albert “Kid” Wade – (1862-1884) – A horse thief in northern Nebraska and the Dakotas, Wade rode with Doc Middleton and later formed his own gang. The Kid was lynched at Bassett, Nebraska, in February 1884.

Fredrick Tecumseh "Fred" Waite

Fredrick Tecumseh “Fred” Waite

Fredrick Tecumseh “Fred” Waite (1853-1895) – A Chickasaw Indian, Waite was a  short-time member of Billy the Kid’s Gang and gunfighter for the Regulators during the Lincoln County War in New Mexico but, would later serve as a lawman and prominent politician.

Joe Walker (1850-1898) – An outlaw, Walker rustled cattle with various Utah outlaws before joining Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch and robbing banks. A posse shot him to death in May 1898 at Thompson, Utah.

William Walker (18??-1889)  – An outlaw and alleged leader of the Missouri “Bald Knobbers” a gang of over 400 members. He was hanged in May 1889 at Ozark, Missouri.

William Walker (18??-1889) – William Walker killed Calvin Church in the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory in December 1888. While admitting his role in the murder, Walker claimed another man had hired him to kill Church. He was to receive ten dollars and two quarts of whiskey for the crime. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas, on August 30, 1889.

William Wall – An outlaw member of the Wild Bunch, he was captured and sent to prison. He was released on January 11, 1900, along with Matt Warner.

Dan Wallace, aka: Texas DanTexas outlaw Wallace, was captured after robbing and killing a rancher near San Antonio in the late 1880s.

William "Bronco Bill" Walters

William “Bronco Bill” Walters

William E. Walters, aka Bill Anderson, Billy Brown, Bronco Billy (1869-1921) – “Bronco Bill” Walters might have started out his life as a cowboy and a railroader, but he soon found a more lucrative future as a train and stagecoach robber.

Charles G. Walrath – After shooting and killing William Shook, Walrath was hanged.

Bill Warderman – Member of the Black Jack Ketchum Gang.

Matt Warner – See Willard Erastus Christianson

George Washington – A New Mexico outlaw, Washington was lynched in June 1882 in Lincoln, New Mexico.

James Wasson (18??-1886) – Wasson was wanted for the 1872 murder of a man named Henry Martin but eluded capture until 1884. After he killed Almarine Watkins in Oklahoma, he was finally captured. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas, on  April 23, 1886.

Ellen Watson, aka "Cattle Kate"

Ellen Watson, aka “Cattle Kate”

Ellen Watson, aka Cattle Kate (1861-1889) – An alleged cattle rustler by those involved in the Johnson County War of Wyoming, Watson was actually innocent.

John Watts – A cattle rustler killed by the militia in New Mexico in March 1883.

Gilbert Webb – Arrested for complicity in the robbery of an Army paymaster at Fort Thomas, Arizona, on May 11, 1889.

John Joshua (J.J.) Webb (1847-1882) – Both a lawman and an outlaw, Webb served as a Dodge City, Kansas Deputy Marshal before moving on to Las Vegas, New Mexico. He served as a “crooked lawman” when the Dodge City Gang was in control there.

Wilfred Webb – Arrested for complicity in the robbery of an Army paymaster at Fort Thomas, Arizona on May 11, 1889.

George “Red Buck” Weightman (18??-1896) – Thought to have hailed from Texas, Weightman was a noted horse thief and killer before joining the Doolin Gang. He was killed by lawmen near Arapahoe, Oklahoma in 1896.

Charles Knox Polk Wells (1851-1896)– An admitted outlaw and murderer originally from Missouri, Wells robbed banks and trains and allegedly killed over thirty men, including an uncle and a jailer. He was convicted of murder in May 1882 and received a life sentence. He died in an Iowa prison.

Henry Wells – Oklahoma outlaw Henry Wells rode with Al Spencer and Jelly Nash.

Tom Welsh – A New Mexico outlaw Welsh killed Joe Hickson in Good Hope, New Mexico on October 28, 1884.

Kinch West – Outlaw member of the Tom Story Gang of Oklahoma.

Richard "Little Dick" West

Richard “Little Dick” West

Richard West, aka Little Dick (1860-1898) – Richard “Little Dick” West was an outlaw who rode with Bill Doolin and the Oklahombres in Oklahoma.

“Red River” Tom Whealington – A New Mexico outlaw, Whealington was shot and killed with Dick Rogers while attempting to break a friend out of jail in Springer, New Mexico, on March 13, 1885.

Ben Wheeler – See Ben Robertson

Grant Wheeler (18??-1895) – A train robber in Arizona, Wheeler was pursued by an ex-Tombstone lawman and railroad detective Billy Breakenridge into Colorado. Surrounded by a posse on April 25, 1895, in Mancos, Colorado, and wounded, he committed suicide rather than be taken in.

Frank Wheeler – A member of Selman’s Scouts following the turmoil of the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. He was shot and killed by Sam Perry in Hillsboro, New Mexico Territory on July 16, 1879.

James WheelerNew Mexico outlaw Wheeler shot and killed Adolph Davidson in Chance City, New Mexico, in April 1886.

V. S. Whitaker – A member of Selman’s Scouts following the turmoil of the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. He was killed by a posse led by Juan Patron near Fort Sumner, New Mexico Territory, on October 10, 1878.

Ham White – A murderer and stage robber on the road between San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

Pete Whitehead – An Oklahoma murderer, Whitehead killed Jack Bullard and a deputy in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma.

Thomas Willis (18??-1890) – An outlaw operating in Indian Territory, Willis robbed and murdered W.P. Williams with the help of John Billee in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma. Wanted for robbery and murder, he was captured by U.S. Deputy Marshals, Will Ayers, James Wilkerson, and Perry DuVall and taken to Fort Smith, Arkansas where he was hanged on January 16, 1890.

Aaron Wilson (18??-1875) – Black outlaw Aaron Wilson killed James Harris with an ax and then shot and killed Harris’ 12-year-old son. The motive was theft. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on October 12, 1875.

George Wilson, aka: James Casherago (18??-1896) – On May 15, 1895, Wilson killed his traveling companion, Zachariah W. Thatch, with an ax. He was the last man hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas, on July 30, 1896.

Jim Wilson – A New Mexico outlaw, Wilson shot and killed Dane Williams in Central City, New Mexico, on March 20, 1886.

Sinker Wilson (18??-1876) – Sinker Wilson murdered a sheep drover named Datus Cowan in 1867. He was arrested, convicted, and sentenced that year but escaped jail and remained at large for nine years until he was captured early in 1876. Has hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on September 8, 1876.

William Wilson – During the Lincoln County War of New Mexico, the Dolan/Murphy faction paid Wilson $500 to kill one of his opponents, Robert Casey, promising him the law would look the other way. Lawrence was wrong and Wilson was hanged twice on December 10, 1875.

William “Billy” Wilson – See David L. Anderson

William Henry Whitley, aka: Bill, Will (1864-1888) – The co-leader of a gang sometimes referred to as the Bill Whitley Gang, and at other times, the Brack Cornett Gang, Whitley was a bank and train robber in Texas during the late 1880s.

Dick Woods – See Richard Barter

Nick Worthington – A New Mexico and Colorado outlaw, Worthington stole horses and killed several men before he was shot and killed by civilians in Cimarron, New Mexico in June 1878.

Zip Wyatt in Jail by the Police News, 1895

Zip Wyatt in Jail by the Police News, 1895

Nelson Ellsworth Wyatt, aka Zip, Dick Yeager, Wild Charlie (1864?-1895) – An Oklahoma outlaw, Wyatt was a cattle rustler and post office robber who also killed a deputy sheriff in Kansas. Pursued by lawmen in Oklahoma, he was wounded at the time of his capture on August 4, 1895. He died in the Enid, Oklahoma, jail on September 7, 1895.

Wa-Har-Key Son – A Choctaw Indian,  he was wanted for the double murder of Mr. Marriot and his wife. He was arrested by Heck Thomas and sentenced to life in prison.

Archie Wolfe – An outlaw in the Cherokee Nation of Indian Territory, Wolfe was a friend of Ned Christie. He was captured in Chicago, Illinois.

Jack WomankillerOutlaw in the Cherokee Nation of Indian Territory, Womankiller was convicted of killing a settler. He was hanged at Fort Smith on July 11, 1884.

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