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“Kid” Wade – (1862-1884) – A horse thief in northern Nebraska and the Dakotas, Wade rode with Doc Middleton, and later formed his own gang. The Kid was lynched at Bassett, Nebraska in February, 1884.

Fredrick Tecumseh “Fred” Waite (1853-1895) – A Chickasaw Indian,  Waite was a  short-time member of Billy the Kid’s Gang and gunfighter for the Regulators during the Lincoln County War, but, would later serve as a lawman and prominent politician.

Joe Walker (1850-1898) – An outlaw Walker rustled cattle with various Utah outlaws before he joined with Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch and began to rob banks. A posse shot him to death in May, 1898 at Thompson, Utah.

William Walker (18??-1889)  – An outlaw and alleged leader of the Missouri “Bald Knobbers” a gang of over 400 members. He was hanged in May 1889 at Ozark, Missouri.

William Walker (18??-1889) – William Walker killed Calvin Church in the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory in December, 1888. While admitting his role in the murder, Walker claimed that he had been hired by another man to kill Church. He was to receive ten dollars and two quarts of whiskey for the crime. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on August 30, 1889.

William Wall – An outlaw member of the Wild Bunch, he was captured and sent to prison. He was released on January 11, 1900, along with Matt Warner.

Dan Wallace, aka: Texas DanTexas outlaw Wallace was captured after robbing and killing a rancher near San Antonio in the late 1880s.

William E. Walters

William E. Walters

William E. Walters, aka: Bill Anderson, Billy Brown, Bronco Billy (1869-??) – Born at Fort Sill, Indian Territory (Oklahoma in 1869, Walters worked first as a cowboy and later as a section hand on the Santa Fe Railroad. However, as he neared his thirties, he turned gunman and bandit in Arizona, at one point joining the Black Jack Ketchum Gang. After leaving Ketchum’s gang, he was known to have shot several men and committed a number of robberies with his own gang. However, Walter’s luck was about to run out when he and his gang attempted to rob a train at Grants Station, New MexicoLawmen drove them off with heavy gunfire and Walters was soon tracked down by a posse led by Jeff Milton, who shot and injured the outlaw. Walters was convicted of train robbery and sent to prison for life. However, he was released in 1917 and moved to Hachita, New Mexico where he worked as a wrangler for the Diamond A Cattle Company. Walters died when he fell from a windmill tower he was working on.

Charles G. Walrath – After shooting and killing William Shook, Walrath was hanged.

Bill Warderman – Member of the Black Jack Ketchum Gang.

Matt Warner – See Willard Erastus Christianson

George Washington – A New Mexico outlaw, Washington was lynched in June, 1882 in Lincoln, New Mexico.

James Wasson (18??-1886) – Wasson was wanted for the 1872 murder of a man named Henry Martin, but eluded capture until 1884. After he killed Almarine Watkins in Oklahoma, he was finally captured. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on  April 23, 1886.

Ellen Watson, aka "Cattle Kate"

Ellen Watson, aka “Cattle Kate”

Ellen Watson, a/k/a Cattle Kate (1861-1889) – An alleged cattle rustler by those involved in the Johnson County War of Wyoming, Watson was actually innocent.

John Watts – A cattle rustler who was killed by the militia in New Mexico in March, 1883.

Gilbert Webb – Arrested for complicity in the robbery of an Army paymaster at Fort Thomas, Arizona on May 11, 1889.

John Joshua (J.J.) Webb (1847-1882) – Both an lawman and an outlaw, Webb served as a Dodge City, Kansas Deputy Marshal before moving on to Las Vegas, New Mexico. There, he served as a “crooked lawman” when the Dodge City Gang was in control.

Wilfred Webb – Arrested for complicity in the robbery of an Army paymaster at Fort Thomas, Arizona on May 11, 1889.

George “Red Buck” Weightman (18??-1896) – Thought to have hailed from Texas Weightman was a noted horse thief and killer before joining the Doolin Gang. He was killed by lawmen near Arapahoe, Oklahoma in 1896.

Charles Knox Polk Wells (1851-1896)– An admitted outlaw and murderer originally from Missouri, Wells robbed banks and trains and allegedly killed over thirty men including an uncle and a jailer. He was convicted of murder in May, 1882 and received a life sentence. He died in an Iowa prison.

Henry Wells – Oklahoma outlaw Henry Wells rode with Al Spencer and Jelly Nash.

Tom Welsh – A New Mexico outlaw Welsh killed Joe Hickson in Good Hope, New Mexico on October 28, 1884.

Kinch WestOutlaw member of the Tom Story Gang of Oklahoma.

Richard West, aka: Little Dick (18??-1898) – Though to have been born in Texas, West was working as a cowboy on the Halsell ranch in Oklahoma when he met Bill Doolin and joined up with the Oklahombres in 1892. He was with the gang when they robbed the bank in Southwest City, Missouri and was wounded in a gunfight that ensued. He continued to ride with Doolin until he was killed in 1896. The next year, West helped to form the Jennings Gang, who made a number of bungled train robbery attempts. After failing miserably, the gang broke up and though the other four member were caught and sentenced to jail in 1897, West remained on the lam until the next year. Pursued by the “Three Guardsmen” –Bill Tilghman, Heck Thomas and Chris Madsen, the lawmen finally tracked him down near Guthrie, Oklahoma. On April 8, 1898, when he was approached by Thomas and Tilgman, he refused to surrender and in the ultimate gunfight that took place, as killed. He is buried in the Summit View Cemetery in Guthrie, Oklahoma near Bill Doolin.

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