Old West Outlaw List – I

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McClish Impson – (18??-1875) – Convicted of shooting and killing an Oklahoma man in the back, he was tried and sentenced to death. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on January 15, 1875.

Nat “Tex” Irwin – An outlaw, he rustled cattle in New Mexico and was captured by A.J. Fountain’s militia in March 1883.

Webber Isaacs (18??-1896) – A Cherokee Indian outlaw in Oklahoma, Isaacs robbed 60 year-old peddler, Mike Cushing, and then beat him to death. Isaacs tried to burn the body of his victim to destroy evidence of the crime but letters found near the scene confirmed Cushing’s identity. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on April 30, 1896.

Gibson Ishtanubbee (18??-1876) – Gibson Ishtanubbee was an iterant drifter working his way through the Chickasaw Nation near Stonewall, Mississippi in 1873. Along with another drifter by the name of Isham Seely, the pair arrived at the door of a farmer who was called “Squirrel” Funny. The farmer, who  lived with his black housekeeper and a cook in a small cabin, answered a knock on the door to find the two men who asked if they might be allowed to spend the night before continuing their travels the next day. As was tradition at the time, the farmer agreed and showed them where they might sleep. However, just before dawn the next morning, Istanubbee drove an ax into Funny’s skull while he slept while Selly beat the housekeeper to death with a pistol Afterwards, the two looted the house, before fleeing. They did not get far and were soon arrested. Taken to stand trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Judge Isaac Parker sentenced them both to death.  Both were hanged on April 21, 1876.

Jake IslandOklahoma outlaw brought in by Bass Reeves.

Ben Isom – A Texas outlaw, he shot a man at Howe Station, Texas, in 1885 and was killed by the sheriff.

George Ives – An outlaw and a member of Henry Plummer’s gang called the Innocents in Montana Territory. He was hanged by Montana Vigilantes on January 3, 1864 at Alder Gulch.

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