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John Kinney at Left

John Kinney Gang

Doroteo Saenz – An outlaw, he was a lieutenant in John Kinney’s Gang of professional gunmen. He was killed in July 1877 by Albert J. Fountain’s militia.

John “Rattlesnake Jack” Said – An Idaho outlaw, he was shot and killed by the sheriff and posse in Weiser City in November 1882.

Carlos Sais – An outlaw, he was sentenced to be hanged for murder on December 17, 1906.

Omer W. Sample, aka: Red, George Lincoln (1860-1884) – Outlaw member of the Heath Gang, he was hanged in Tombstone, Arizona for robbery on March 8, 1884.

Sam Sampson – Creek Indian outlaw and member of the Rufus Buck Gang. He was hanged on July 1, 1896, at Fort Smith, Arkansas for murder, robbery, and rape.

George Sanders – Outlaw member of the Bill Cook Gang in the Indian Territory. He was killed by lawmen.

Osey (or Osee) Sanders (1847-1876) – Though asserting his innocence throughout his trial of robbery and murder in Oklahoma, Sanders was convicted of killing Thomas S. Carlyle. He was hanged at Fort Smith Arkansas on September 8, 1876.

Juan Sandobal – A New Mexico outlaw, he was lynched on December 15, 18 71 in Las Lunas.


Silva Gang

Silva Gang

Remigio Sandoval, aka: El Gavilan – Outlaw member Vicente Silva’s White Caps Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico.


Scarface Joe – An Indian outlaw in Oklahoma, he was killed by Sheriff John Fightmaster for trying to flee from his jail cell.

S. Schroeder – An outlaw, he was jailed in Las Vegas, New Mexico and escaped on December 3, 1881, with David Rudabaugh and J.J. Webb.

E. Scott – A wanted outlaw with a reward for his arrest, he killed several men on December 20, 1873, in Lincoln County, New Mexico.

Cherry Scott – An Oklahoma Mulatto woman who shot and killed her mother while she was sleeping. She was acquitted by reason of insanity.

John Scott – An outlaw, he was shot and killed by Springer, New Mexico Deputy Sheriff Frank P. Nichols on May 17, 1883.

James See (18??-1887) – A Texas outlaw, murderer, and rustler in the 1860s, he died in California in 1887.

Isham Seely (18??-1876) –  Seely was an iterant drifter working his way through the Chickasaw Nation near Stonewall, Mississippi in 1873. Along with another drifter by the name of Gibson Ishtanubbee, the pair arrived at the door of a farmer who was called “Squirrel” Funny. The farmer, who lived with his black housekeeper and a cook in a small cabin, answered a knock on the door to find the two men who asked if they might be allowed to spend the night before continuing their travels the next day. As was the tradition at the time, the farmer agreed and showed them where they might sleep. However, just before dawn the next morning, Istanubbee drove an ax into Funny’s skull while he slept while Selly beat the housekeeper to death with a pistol Afterwards, the two looted the house, before fleeing. They did not get far and were soon arrested. Taken to stand trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where Judge Isaac Parker sentenced them both to death. Both were hanged on April 21, 1876.

Jose Segura – An outlaw and leader of a gang of horse thieves, he was lynched by vigilantes on July 10, 1876, near Fort Stanton, New Mexico.

John Selman

John Selman

John Henry Selman (1839-1896) – A Texas lawman, gunfighter, and outlaw, he was a vicious killer and cattle rustler. He led a gang called Selman’s Scouts in New Mexico. George  Scarborough killed him on April 6, 1896.

“Tom Cat” Selman – John Selman’s younger brother and a member of Selman’s Scouts following the turmoil of the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. He was lynched in 1882 under mysterious circumstances.

Milton Anthony Sharp (18??-18??) – Born in Lees Summit, Missouri, Sharp moved to California in 1869. No more than a teenager, he earned an honest living working in the mines around Bodie. However, when he reached his early thirties, Sharp’s mindset changed, believing it would be much easier to make his living robbing stages. In the late 1870s, he began to relieve the many coaches traveling the roads from the Sierra foothills to Stockton and Sacramento. After having robbed some 20 stages, Sharp was finally captured and sent to the penitentiary in Carson City, Nevada in 1880.  After being released in 1994, he was thought to have lived the rest of his life as a law-abiding man.

George Shears – A road agent and horse thief in Montana and thought to have been a member of Henry Plummer’s gang of Innocents. He was hanged by Montana Vigilantes.

Ben Sheedy – An outlaw, he was shot while attempting to escape arrest in Lincoln, New Mexico in September 1887.

Larry Sheehan – Outlaw leader of a group of train robbers in 1887 in the New Mexico.

Iron Jack Sheet – A California outlaw known as a “Robinhood,” he was lynched by vigilantes from Idaho and Montana.

George Shields, aka: Satan Shields” – An outlaw, when Shields learned that the “Wolf Gang” was in Oklahoma City to get a friend of his, he marched into the saloon where they were with an ax and killed six men.


George Washington Shepherd

George Washington Shepherd

George Washington Shepherd (1842-1917) – A member of Quantrill’s Raiders during the Civil War and afterward, involved with the James-Younger Gang. He served three years in prison for a bank robbery in Kentucky.

Oliver Shepherd (1842-1868) – A member of Quantrill’s Raiders during the Civil War and afterward, involved with the James-Younger Gang. He was killed by a posse in Jackson County, Missouri on April 4, 1868

Carlos Sias – An outlaw and murderer, he was hanged in January 1907 in Socorro, New Mexico.

W.H. “Billy” Simms – A saloon keeper in San Antonio, Texas who, in 1884, was suspected of killing King Fisher and Ben Thompson.

Vicente Silva (1845-1895) – The clandestine leader of a vicious gang of Mexicans called Silva’s White Caps, which were also referred to as Forty Bandits, or the Society of Bandits. He was killed by members of his own gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico in 1895.

Dionicio Sisneros, aka: Candelas) – Outlaw member Vicente Silva’s White Caps Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Cyrus “Cy” Skinner (1828-1864) – A saloonkeeper and road agent, Skinner was believed to have been a member of Henry Plummer’s gang of Innocents. He was hanged by Montana Vigilantes in 1864.

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