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Outlaws, Gunfighters, Lawmen & More

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From outlaws to gunfighters, to lawmen, scoundrels, explorers and painted ladies,  here you'll find pages of text and pictures about the men and women of the American Frontier.


These are not just little "snippets" of these legendary people of the Old West, but in depth articles about characters that are legendary in our history. Some of these people were heros, others were killers, and some might perhaps be best forgotten, but here you will find them. 


If you like reading about these historic figures, but always feel left with less than what you were looking for, you will like these pages!


There is no Sunday west of

St. Louis and no God west

of Fort Smith.


--  Old adage used to describe the Western frontier



Old West Outlaws

Outlaw Photo Gallery

Gunfights of the Old West

Gunfighters of the American West

Lawmen of the Old West

Indian Fighters


Old West Lists:




Native Americans


Outlaw Gangs



Trailblazers & Cowboys






Old West Mercantile






Deaths & Graves of the Old West

Historic Places of the West

Legendary People of the West

Native Americans - The First Owners of the West

Time Line of the American West

Words of the West

Women of the American West


Outlaw Graphic



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