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Native American Heroes and Leaders

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Apache Teepees in Arizona, 1907List of Notable Native Americans

Native American Tribes in the U.S.


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American Horse - A Shrewd Sioux Chief

Chief Black Kettle - A Peaceful Leader

Cheyenne Dog Soldiers

Cochise - Strong Apache Leader

Crazy Horse - A Sacred Hero

Dull Knife - Northern Cheyenne Chief

Chief Gall - Aggressive Sioux Leader

Charles Alexander Eastman - Sioux Doctor, Author and Reformer

Chief Joseph - Leader of the Nez Perce and a True American

Geronimo - The Last Apache Holdout

Little Crow - Leader of the Santee Uprising

Little Wolf - Courageous Leader of the Cheyennes

Apache War Leader, NanaNana - Oldest Apache Warrior

Osceola - Leading the Seminole

Old Schonchin - Modoc Chief and Warrior

Susan La Flesche Picotte - First Native Physician

Pocahontas - Legendary Indian Princess

Chief Pontiac - Masterminding a Rebellion

Chief Ouray - A Man of Peace

Rain-in-the-Face -  Strategic Sioux Warrior

Red Cloud - Lakota Warrior & Statesman

Roman Nose - Cheyenne War Chief

Chief John Ross of the Cherokee Nation

Sacagawea - Leading Lewis & Clark

Sequoyah - Inventor of Written Cherokee

Sitting Bull - Lacota Chief & Holy Man

Spotted Tail - Warrior, Chief & Negotiator

Victorio - Fighting for Ancestral Lands

Fred Waite - Chickasaw Outlaw Turned Politician

Stand Watie - Brigadier General of the Civil War

Walkara - Horse Thief and Walker War Leader

Kaitchkona Winema - Woman Chief of the Modoc

Wovoka - Paiute Medicine Man & the Ghost Dance





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Taos Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico

Little has changed at the Taos Pueblo in the last century, September, 2008, Kathy Weiser.

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Native American Legends

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"Being Indian is an attitude, a state of mind, a way of being in harmony with all

things and all beings." - Brooke Medicine Eagle



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