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Quirky America

Off Beat Roadside Attractions, Trivia, & More

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Bumper Sticker Madness

Celebrity Facts

Celebrity Ghosts

Entertainment Trivia

Presidential Trivia, Fun Facts & Firsts

Twisted Facts, History, & More

What's In a Name? - Odd Place Names in America


Quirky Places:


Quirky Arizona

Arizona Fun Facts & Trivia

Chloride - A Ghost Town and Then Some

Haunted Red Garter Bed & Bakery

Joseph City & the Jackrabbit Trading Post

Museum Club's Unearthly Guests

Yaba-Daba-Doo - Bedrock City

You Know You're in Arizona When ....


Quirky Arkansas

Arkansas Fun Facts & Trivia

Boggy Creek Monster

Booger Hollow's Double Decker Outhouse

Hope - Watermelon Capital of the World

White River Monster

World's Largest Spinach Can

You Know You're In Arkansas When ....

Arkansas Fun Facts & Trivia

You Know You're In Arkansas When ....


Quirky California

California Fun Facts & Trivia

Ghosts of Alcatraz

Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village

No Old Woman - Just a Very Large Shoe

Salvation Mountain - A Tribute to God

Tasty and Fanciful Pez Museum


Quirky Colorado

Brothel Museum in Cripple Creek

Colorado Fun Facts & Trivia

Frozen Dead Guy in Nederland

Tropical Bug Museum in Colorado

Wonder Tower in Genoa


Quirky Idaho 

Idaho Fun Facts & Trivia

Old Idaho Penitentiary 

Oasis Bordello Museum

Soda Springs Geyser


Quirky Illinois

Get Saucy in Collinsville

Henry's Rabbit Ranch in Staunton


Quirky Kansas

The Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas

Kansas Fun Facts & Trivia

The Nation's Largest Sunflower

You Know You're In Kansas When ....


Quirky Missouri

Dental Health Theatre?

Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph

Missouri Fun Facts & Trivia

Monument to the Trail of Tears

Stonehenge in Rolla

You Know You're In Missouri When ...


Quirky Montana

Desert John's Saloon Museum

Merry Widow Health Mine

Montana Fun Facts & Trivia

Montana Testicle Festival

New Atlas Saloon in Columbus


Quirky Nevada

Goldwell Open Air Museum

M&M's World

Nevada Fun Facts & Trivia

Rhyolite Bottle Building

Stokes Castle in Austin

Thunder Mountain Park


Quirky New Mexico

Fridgehenge - Consumerism Stonehenge

How Hot Springs, NM, Became Truth or Consequences

New Mexico's Big Bird

New Mexico Fun Facts & Trivia

The Roswell Incident and the International UFO Museum & Research Center

Smokey Bear Historical Park, Museum & Grave in Capitan

Snakes Alive in Albuquerque

Tiny Town - Art That Dies to Live


Quirky North Dakota

North Dakota Fun Facts and Trivia


Quirky Oklahoma

Catoosa and the Blue Whale

Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park 

Largest McDonald's In the World?

Oklahoma Fun Facts & Trivia

Tattoo Man of Bartlesville


Quirky South Dakota

South Dakota Fun Facts and Trivia


Quirky Texas

Buckhorn Saloon & Museum, San Antonio

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum, Plano

Quirky Amarillo

Stonehenge II Near Hunt

Texas Fun Facts & Trivia


Quirky Washington

Replica Stonehenge in Maryville

Washington Fun Facts & Trivia


Quirky Wyoming

The Death Ship of the Platte River

Jackalopes in Wyoming - Myth or Reality?

Little People of Wyoming & the Pedro Mountain Mummy

Monument to a Prostitute in Lusk

Outlaw Big Nose George Becomes a Pair of Shoes

Wyoming Fun Facts & Trivia


Art is a legalized form

 of insanity, and I do

it very well.


-- Stanley Marsh III













"Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity."


- Edwin Land, inventor








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Stanley Marsh Sign

Sign north of Thompson Park in Amarillo, Texas.  Kathy Weiser, May, 2004.





Oasis Bordello Museum

From the Oasis Bordello Museum in Wallace, Idaho







World's Largest Concrete Totem Pole near Foyil, Oklahoma

World's Largest Concrete Totem Pole near Foyil,

Oklahoma, June, 2004, Kathy Weiser


Rhyolite Artwork

Artists have been at work in the ghost town of  Rhyolite

Nevada which  features several pieces at the entrance to

the old town site.  April, 2005, Kathy Weiser.


From Legends' Photo Shop

Vintage American History and Patriotic Photo PrintsAmerican History and Patriotic Photographs - From our personal collection of vast historical photographs, hundreds of  prints are available that provide dramatic glimpses into American History. From the American Revolution to the 20th Century, the collection includes the National Banner, patriots, and scenes of those historic times. Here, you'll find inspirational restored vintage photographs, posters, and paintings that depict the history that led to this great nation.


  Vintage Patriotic and American Photo Prints


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