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Will Rogers

Will Rogers

Will Rogers was born on a large ranch in the Cherokee Nation that is today Oologah, Oklahoma. Rogers became a nationally known cowboy as the star of radio programs, Broadway plays, 71 movies in the 1920s and ‘30’s. He was also a featured columnist, writing more than 4,000 syndicated articles.

The world’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935.

In Bristow, Oklahoma it is against the law to serve water to a customer in a restaurant unless one peanut in a shell is also served. The consequences for this “serious” offense can result in a fine of up to five dollars.

Vinita, Oklahoma was the first town in the state to have electricity. It is also the oldest incorporated town in the state.

The Oklahoma State Capitol is the only capitol in the world surrounded by working oil wells. Not too many years ago, giant oil rigs dotted the grounds of the Oklahoma capitol.

If you play catch in the streets of Bartlesville, you’re breaking the law.

Per square mile, Oklahoma has the most tornadoes of all U.S. states.

Sylvan N. Goldman of Humpty Dumpty Stores and Standard Food Markets invented the first shopping cart so that people could buy more in a single visit to the grocery store. He unveiled his creation in Oklahoma City on June 4, 1937.

If you wear New York Jets in Ada, Oklahoma, you could be jailed.

Boise City, Oklahoma was the only city in the United States to be bombed during World War II. On July 5, 1943, at approximately 12:30 a.m., a B-17 Bomber based at Dalhart Army Air Base (50 miles to the south of Boise City) dropped six practice bombs on the sleeping town.

Whaling is illegal in the state of Oklahoma.

In Ponca City, a tornado once picked up a house with a man and his wife still in it. Though the walls and roof were blown away, the floor remained intact and eventually glided downward, setting the couple safely back on the ground.

In Tulsa, you may not open a soda bottle without the supervision of a licensed engineer.

Okmulgee owns the world record for largest pecan pie, pecan cookie, pecan brownie, and biggest ice cream and cookie party. Each June, Okmulgee host the annual Pecan Festival.

Oklahoma was the setting for the movie “Twister”.

It is against the law to spit on a sidewalk.

Big Foot was sighted in Vici, Oklahoma in 1977. Though a search party was sent out, no evidence was found.

The National Cowboy Hall of Fame is located in Oklahoma City.

In Clinton, Oklahoma molesting an automobile is illegal.

The town of Beaver is the Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World. Here that the World Championship Cow Chip Throw is held each April.

It is unlawful to put any hypnotized person in a display window in Hawthahorne.

Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma

Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma

The Port of Catoosa, just north of Tulsa, is the nation’s largest inland port.

Women may not gamble in the nude, in lingerie, or while wearing a towel in Schulter.

Originally, the state of Oklahoma was set aside for the exclusive use of the Indians and was called Indian Territory. However, in 1889, the land was opened to settlers in what became known as the ” Oklahoma Land Rush.” On the first opening day on April 22, 1889, 50,000 people swarmed into the area. Those who tried to beat the noon starting gun were called Sooners. Hence the state’s nickname.

Musician Bob Dunn, from Beggs, Oklahoma, invented the first electric guitar 1935.

Guthrie was Oklahoma’s first capitol before a popular vote moved it to Oklahoma City.

Tahlequah, Oklahoma is the Tribal capital of the Cherokee Nation.

Pensacola Dam in Oklahoma

Pensacola Dam in Oklahoma

The Pensacola Dam, built in 1940 is still the World’s Longest Multiple Arch Dam. At 6,565 feet in length, the dam is located on the south shores of Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees between Langley and Disney.

Don’t you dare carry a fishbowl full of fish on a public bus in Oklahoma. It’s against the law!

Garth Brooks was born in Tulsa and grew up in Yukon, Oklahoma.

It is against the law to take a bite out of another person’s hamburger.

Belle Starr, one of the most famous women outlaws, is buried in an isolated grave southwest of Porum, Oklahoma near the Eufuala Dam.

Tissues in the back of cars are illegal.

Oklahoma has four mountain ranges including the Ouachitas, Arbuckles, Wichitas and the Kiamichis.

If you make an ugly face at a dog, you could be fined or jailed.

Guthrie, Oklahoma has the nation’s only museum devoted to the collection of lighters. At the National Lighter Museum, nearly 20,000 lighters and “fire starters” are displayed.

In Bartlesville, it is illegal to own more than two adult cats.

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