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Old Montana Prison Museum, by Kathy Alexander

Old Montana Prison Museum, by Kathy Alexander

Desert John’s Saloon Museum, Deer Lodge

A Foot Under Glass in Virginia City

Merry Widow Health Mine, Basin

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New Atlas Saloon in Columbus

Old Montana Prison Museum

The World’s Largest Steer can be found at Baker, Montana, at the O’Fallon Museum. Weighing in at 3,980 pounds, he grew to be 5’9″ tall and 10’4″ long. Born March 23, 1923, just east of Baker, Montana, the steer lived for 15 years and four months. Raised by Jack Guth, a former jockey, the steer toured local stock shows and circuses when he was alive. After he died, his hide was preserved. Steer Montana disappeared for many years but was finally discovered in a storage facility in Billings and donated to the O’Fallon Museum.

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Steer Montana the largest steer in the world

Steer Montana is the largest steer in the world

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