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Bedrock City at Valle, Arizona, April, 2005, Kathy Weiser.

Bedrock City at Valle, Arizona, Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Bedrock City

Yaba-Daba-Doo! The Flintstones still exist in Valle, Arizona! Though in this age of high tech video animation and Jurassic Park dinosaurs that threaten to consume you, the children might not be awe-inspired by this roadside attraction; but for those of us that grew up with the Flintstones or just plain love a “vintage” roadside attraction, here it is!

Built in 1972 on the flat, arid plains south of the Grand Canyon, don’t worry about the dinosaurs eating you here – heck, they don’t even move. In the “Theme Park,” you will find friendly and brightly painted statues of your favorite Flintstones characters, along with a man-made volcano, Flintstone mobiles, and brightly colored Bedrock buildings, including the homes of Fred and Barney’s.

Kids can take a stone age train ride through the park. While you’re there, be sure to slide down the tail of the giant brontosaur just like Fred used to do during the intro to the Flintstones episodes.

Bedrock also provides one of the many trading posts of the Grand Canyon area, with all manner of souvenirs; you can spend the night in their campground, or satisfy your hunger at Fred’s Diner, which includes such items as Bronto Burgers and Gravelberry Pie. If for no other reason, be sure to stop for Bedrock’s 5 cent coffee, which they’ve served at the same price since day one.

Bedrock City is located halfway between the Grand Canyon and Williams, Arizona at the junction of AZ 64 and US 180 in Valle, Arizona.

Contact Information:

Bedrock Arizona
101 S Hwy 180
Williams, Arizona 86046

Chloride – A Ghost Town and Then Some

Chloride, Arizona Rock Murals

Chloride, Arizona Rock Murals

Chloride, Arizona has a rich mining rich history beginning in the 1860s. Today, it is the oldest inhabited mining town in the state of Arizona, still called home to about 300 full time residents. Between 1900 and 1920, some 75 mines were in operation in the area. Officially a ghost town, Chloride sports a couple of quirky attractions, in addition to its historic buildings and rich mining past.

During the counterculture period of the 1960s, a band of hippies led by a man named Roy Purcell made their home in the hills just east of Chloride. During their stay, Roy painted what are now known as the “Chloride Murals” — 2000 square feet of rock paintings on the boulders and cliff faces of the Cerbat Mountains. Over the years, this now famous artist, has returned to redo them several times. In this same are are also a scattering of ancient petroglyphs.

Inside town, Chloride also boasts a numerous yard art displays. As told to us by the kind lady at the tourism office, these range from “yard art” to “yard junk.” Unable to have gardens in the desert heat, Chloride’s residents have resorted to decorations ranging from artistic to trashy.

Yard art in Chloride, Arizona, April, 2005, Kathy Weiser.

Yard art in Chloride, Arizona, April, 2005, Kathy Weiser.

Chloride is an interesting drive through ghost town buildings from the past, to hippy murals from the 60’s, to eccentric yard art of today.

To get to Chloride, travel northwest on US 93 for approximately 20 miles from Kingman, Arizona. The turnoff to Chloride is well-marked between mile markers 52 and 53, then east three miles on a paved road.

To see the murals, take Tennessee Avenue, Chloride’s main road, past the post office then follow the signs. This unpaved road generally requires a high-clearance vehicle. With a four-wheel drive, it is possible to continue up a steep and rocky clearance where more mining remains can be seen. See our full story on Chloride HERE.

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