Boggy Creek Monster of Arkansas

Legend of Boggy Creek Movie Poster.

Legend of Boggy Creek Movie Poster.

In the area of Fouke, Arkansas in Miller County, southeast of Texarkana, allegedly lives the Boggy Creek Monster.

In these sparsely populated, forested hills of the Ozarks, the Boggy Creek Monster, also referred to as the Fouke Monster, has been a legend of the area since the 1840s. This Bigfoot-like creature is said to be about seven feet tall, walks upright, has a  smelly, animal-like odor, and is covered with hair. The Arkansas version of Sasquatch or Bigfoot, this hairy beast has a reputation for killing chickens, livestock, and dogs in the area, though has never been known to harm humans.

In the late 1860s, the beast allegedly harassed two families living outside Fouke and the legend quickly spread. In 1973, the tale of the Boggy Creek Monster was made into an extremely poor low budget movie called The Legend of Boggy Creek.

In 1997, there were more than 40 sightings of the Boggy Creek creature and in 1998, reports said that the hairy beast was seen walking along a dry creek bed about five miles south of town.

Whether a legend or reality, the town of Fouke once capitalized on the legend, with signs throughout the town and a gift shop near Boggy Creek that provided Monster souvenirs.  Today, Monster Mart continues to cater to tourists with souvenirs.

We really had to search for the creek, which we finally found south of town, marked only by a small plaque on the bridge.

Boggy Creek Bridge, Arkansas

Boggy Creek Bridge, Arkansas by Kathy Alexander.

The Fouke Monster was allegedly last seen near the junction of the Sulphur and Red Rivers.

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