Old West Outlaw List – D

Bill Doolin

Bill Doolin

William M. “Bill” Doolin, aka Will Barry (1858-1896) – Leading the Doolin-Dalton Gang that robbed trains and banks in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri, and Kansas, Doolin was shot and killed by U.S. Deputy Marshal Heck Thomas on August 24, 1896.

John Dorsey – A New Mexico outlaw, Dorsey was lynched after killing Constable Joe Carson in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Bob Dossay – An Oklahoma outlaw, Dossay was killed by Ceasar Payne in the Seminole Nation of Indian Territory.

Charley Dotson – Outlaw member of the Cookson Hills Gang who participated in the bank robberies at Haskell, Oklahoma, and York, Nebraska, in 1933.

Daniel Dowd – An outlaw companion of Bill Delaney, Dowd was hanged in March 1884 in Tombstone, Arizona.

William Downing – Outlaw member of the Alvord-Stiles Gang, he also served as the crooked sheriff of Willcox, Arizona, allowing the gang to escape after a train robbery. He killed over thirty men and was shot dead by Sheriff Billy Speed in August 1900 at Willcox.

Robert “Bob” Dozier (1800-1878) – Farmer turned outlaw; Bob Dozier was accused of multiple crimes in Indian Territory before being tracked down by famed U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves.

Bell Starr and Blueford Duck

Bell Starr and Blueford Duck

Bluford “Blue” Duck 18??-1895) –  Born in the Cherokee Nation, Blue Duck’s Indian name was Sha-con-gah. Blue Duck was said to have been a member of a small gang involved in stage holdups and rustling.

Dell Dublin – A Texas outlaw captured in Coryell, Texas, after committing murder.

Dick Dublin –  A Texas outlaw captured in Coryell, Texas, after committing murder.

Thomas Duffy – A New Mexico outlaw jailed in Las Vegas for killing Thomas Bishop in Liberty, New Mexico. When he tried to escape on September 19, 1880, he was shot and killed.

Giovanni Dugi, aka Dagi, Duque – A New Mexico outlaw who was lynched on June 4, 1879, in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Dick Duncan – An outlaw and nephew of Thomas “Black Jack” Ketchum, he was hanged for murder at Eagle Pass, Texas, in 1891.

Jack Dunlap (or Dunlop), aka Three Fingered Jack (18??-1900) – In the 1890s, Dunlap robbed banks and trains in Arizona before being arrested. Following his release in 1895, he joined Black Jack Christian’s gang, the High Fives, and later the Alvord-Stiles Gang, again holding up trains. On February 15, 1900, several members of the Alvord-Stiles Gang, including Jack Dunlap, Burt Alvord, Bill Stiles, George and Louis Owens, Bravo Juan Yoas, and Bob Brown, attempted to rob the Wells Fargo Express car at the Southern Pacific railroad depot in Fairbank, Arizona. However, they didn’t know that Jeff Milton, a former Texas Ranger, was working as the express messenger that night. In the inevitable gunplay, Milton was clipped in the arm, outlaw Bravo Juan Yaos was shot, and Dunlap lay dead. The rest of the gang made their escape without ever opening the safe.

Rose Dunn, aka: The Rose of Cimarron

Rose Dunn, aka The Rose of Cimarron

Rose Dunn, aka The Rose of Cimarron – Outlaw lover of George Newcomb and friend of the Dalton-Doolin Gang. She helped Newcomb escape from a gun battle outside Ingalls, Oklahoma, and served time in a U.S. reformatory.

William B. Dunn (18??-1896) – Dunn and his brothers, Bee, Calvin, Dal, and George, ran a road ranch near Ingalls, Oklahoma, for travelers looking for a place to eat and rest. Sometimes, these travelers that made the mistake of stopping were robbed, killed, and never seen again. The Dunn brothers sometimes acted as bounty hunters and helped law officers track down outlaws. Dunn also owned a meat market in Pawnee, Oklahoma, where he disposed of cattle he and his brothers had stolen. When Charley Pierce and George “Bitter Creek” Newcomb, members of the Doolin Gang, stopped at the Dunn Ranch to see Rose Dunn, Newcomb’s teenage girlfriend, her brothers turned them in for the reward, and lawmen killed both. Dunn also led Heck Thomas and his posse to the hiding place of Bill Doolin on August 25, 1896. When Thomas demanded Doolin’s surrender, the outlaw pulled his six-gun and fired twice before Bill Dunn’s shotgun blast cut him to pieces. The people of the county began to get angry over Dunn’s tactics, and on November 6, 1896, he blamed Deputy Sheriff Frank Canton for the brutal way Newcomb and Pierce had been killed. Canton soon confronted Dunn, and when Bill pulled his revolver, Canton put a slug in his forehead, killing him instantly.

John Dupont – New Mexico outlaw who shot and killed Bartole Garcia on January 14, 1883, in La Joya, New Mexico.

Grover Durrell – Oklahoma outlaw who rode with Al Spencer and Jelly Nash in Indian Territory.


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