High Fives Gang of Arizona


Black Jack Will Christian

Black Jack Will Christian

Also referred to as the Christian Gang, led by “Black Jack” Will Christian and his brother, Bob, from Oklahoma, the gang operated in New Mexico and Arizona after the Christian brothers escaped from a Guthrie, Oklahoma jail in 1895. Along with additional gang members, Jess Williams and Bob Hays, the gang robbed banks, trains, and stagecoaches. After almost making off with the loot from the International Bank in Nogales, Arizona on August 6, 1895 one gang member, Jess Williams, was shot and killed. Hotly pursued by a posse led by Tucson Sheriff Bob Leatherwood, the gang fled across the border into Mexico.

The High Fives Gang returned from Mexico  in 1897 and committed several stagecoach robberies. When authorities learned the outlaws were back in the area, another posse was organized. The lawmen located and ambushed the gang in a small canyon. Black Jack and his three gang members were killed.  The small canyon where the ambush took place is now locally known as Black Jack Canyon.


Kathy Weiser-Alexander, October, 2017

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