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Jim Cook – An outlaw and brother of William Cook, he was wounded while resisting arrest in the Cherokee Nation of Indian Territory.

William “Bill” Tuttle Cook, aka: The Cherokee Kid, John Williams; John Mayfield (1873-1900)  – Outlaw leader of the Cook Gang, which committed several bold robberies throughout the Indian Territory. He was arrested January 11, 1895 and sentenced to forty-five years imprisonment in the federal prison at Albany, New York. He died there on February 15, 1900.

John Cooper – A road agent in Montana and thought to have been a member of Henry Plummer’s gang of Innocents. He was hanged by Montana Vigilantes.

James Copeland (1815-1857) – Killing, robbing, and thieving, mostly in Mississippi, Copeland was the co-leader of a 60 man gang known as the Wages and Copeland Clan. He was captured and executed at Augusta, Mississippi on October 30, 1857.

Burt Corman – Shot and killed Matt Craig on December 27, 1886 in Fairview, New Mexico.

Silveria Coma – Murdered Tavian Pacheco on July 15, 1882, in Sabinal, New Mexico.

Brack Cornett (18??-1888) – The co-leader of the Bill Whitley or Brack Cornett Gang, Cornett robbed banks and trains in southwest Texas in the late 1880’s. Born and raised in Goliad County, Texas, somewhere along the line he joined up with Bill Whitley and the two formed a gang that was successful in their robbery endeavors for a couple of years. In June of 1887, the gang robbed a train near Flatonio, Texas, making off with about $600 in money and $1000 worth of jewelry from passengers. The next year, the gang robbed a bank at Cisco, Texas, making off with some $25,000. Several days later they robbed the International-Great Northern Railroad, escaping with $20,000. However, when they planned to rob the Southern Pacific train out of Harwood, Texas, on September 22, 1888, they found a posse waiting for them. The gang was finally trapped by U.S. Deputy Marshals a few days later on September 25, 1888. In the inevitable gunfight that took place, Bill Whitley was killed and another gang member taken prisoner. Brack Cornett was able to escape and fled to Arizona. However, one Texas Ranger, Alfred Allee, doggedly pursued Cornett to Frio, Arizona, where he caught up with him. Gunplay erupted once again and when the smoke cleared, Cornett was dead.

Gregorio Cortez (1875-1916) – A Texas rustler and outlaw, he killed Kames County Sheriff Morris and Gonzales County Sheriff Robert Glover. After serving just eight years in prison, he was pardoned.

Juan Nepomucena Cortinas, aka: Juan Cortina, Cheno – A Mexican bandit chieftain, led raids against towns north of the Rio Grande during the 1850s. He captured the U.S. Army garrison at Brownsville, Texas. After Texas Rangers killed several of Cortina’s leaders, the Mexican bandit retired and died in 1892.

Pat Coughlin – Outlaw cattle rustler and friend of Billy the Kid, he was apprehended by John W. Poe but released after the only witness was gunned down.

Ed Coulter – An outlaw, he was lynched by vigilantes in New Mexico in October, 1881.

James H. Craft – An outlaw and partner of Charles G. Walrath, he murdered William Shook near  Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. Both he and Walrath were lynched on June 30, 1879.

Jim Crane – An outlaw in Arizona and New Mexico who died in a shoot-out in 1881.

Ben Cravens – An Oklahoma outlaw, he was jailed for rustling cattle, but escaped. He was again captured in July, 1894 and given a long prison term but escaped by killing a guard. He was recaptured in November, 1896, but escaped again.

Foster Crawford (18??-1896) – An outlaw who rode with Elmer “The Slaughter Kid” Lewis, and robbed and murdered in Texas. The pair were captured by Texas Rangers, jailed, and lynched on February 27, 1896.

David “Davy” Crockett (1853?-1876) – A gunman and outlaw, Crockett was the nephew of the more famous Davy Crockett of Alamo fame. After escaping from a Texas prison in 1872, he made his way to Cimarron, New Mexico, where he and an accomplice killed three black soldiers in cold blood. He was later shot dead while resisting arrest.

Zacariah Crompton – An outlaw and horse thief, he and several others killed Isidoro Patron, Isidoro Padilla, Dario Balazar, and Jose Candelaria in Lincoln County, New Mexico on December 20, 1873.

Tom Crook – Oklahoma outlaw who killed U.S. Deputy Marshal Charley Pettit in the Osage Nation of Indian Territory.

Charles H. Crosthwaite – A gunman and newspaperman, he was hanged for killing George W. Johnson in January, 1889.

Jackson Crow (18??-1888) – Killed a prominent merchant named Charles Wilson in the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory in 1884. He was hanged in Fort Smith, Arkansas on April 27, 1888.

Patrick Crowe – An outlaw, he robbed a train in 1894 and stole diamonds in Denver, Colorado. He was captured in Cincinnati, Ohio and sentenced to three years in prison.

Boudinot Crumpton, aka: Bood Burris (18??-1891) – Convicted of killilng his traveling companion, Sam Morgan in Oklahoma, Crumpton maintained his innocence to the end. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on June 30, 1891.

Florentino Cruz – An outlaw in Arizona and New Mexico, he was killed by Wyatt Earp in 1882.

Ed Cullin, aka: Shoot ’em Up DickOutlaw member of Black Jack Ketchum’s gang, he was killed during a train robbery in December, 1897.

Jim Cumming, aka: James Cunnieus – Wanted for larceny and murder, Cumming killed Captain Will Fields in the Creek Nation of Indian Territory.

James Robert Cummins or Cummings, aka: “Windy Jim,” James Johnson, “Old Jim” (1847-1929) –  Cummins, born on January 31, 1847, lived near Kearney, Missouri and rode with Quantrill’s Raiders during the Civil War, most often assigned to follow “Bloody” Bill Anderson. A known horse thief, he joined up with the James-Younger Gang after the war and was involved in the train robberies at Winston and Blue Cut, Missouri. He was suspected of being involved in the plot to kill Jesse James because his sister, Artella Cummsins, married Robert Ford, Jesse’s killer.  After the break up of the James Gang, he became a farmer in Arkansas and actually tried to turn himself in several times, but no one believed he was really Jim Cummins. At the age of 63 he married Florence Sherwood and lived to old age. He died in the Old Soldiers Home at Higginsville Missouri on July 9, 1929.

George Curry, aka: Flat Nose, Big Nose, Tom Dilly (1864-1900) – An outlaw member of the Wild Bunch, taught the skills of robbery to Harvey Logan (Kid Curry,) whom he raised. He was shot and killed after a bank robbery in 1900 by the lawmen from Vernal, Utah.

Kid Curry – See Harvey Logan

John Curry – An outlaw killed along with Dick Rodgers on March 13, 1885, while attempting to help a prisoner escape from the Springer, New Mexico jail.

Old John CushOutlaw member of the Black Jack Ketchum gang, he was captured by Jeff Milton and sent to prison.


By Kathy Weiser-Alexander, updated December 2020.


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