Harry Longabaugh, aka “Sundance Kid” – Member of the Wild Bunch


Harry Longabaugh, 1901

Harry Longabaugh, the Sundance Kid, 1901. Click for prints, downloads and products.

Harry Longabaugh, aka “Sundance Kid,” Frank Smith, H.A. Brown, Harry A. Place, Harry Long (1867-1911?) – Born in Mont Clare, Pennsylvania in 1867, he was only 15 years-old when he headed west with a cousin. However, by the time he was 20, he stole a gun, a saddle and a horse from a ranch in Sundance, Wyoming, only to be almost immediately captured. He was convicted and spent 18 months in jail. After his release he worked as a cowboy before being implicated in an 1892 train robbery by 1897 had hooked up with Harvey Logan where they robbed a bank at Belle Fourche, South Dakota on June 27th.

Longabaugh and Logan were captured but managed to escape from a Deadwood jail three months later. In 1900, the Sundance Kid met Butch Cassidy and moved to the Robber’s Roost in Utah, joining the Wild Bunch.

That same year, they held up the Winnemucca National Bank in Nevada and then headed for South America with their proceeds, all the while being pursued by the Pinkertons. On February 20, 1901, Longabaugh sailed with Butch Cassidy and Etta Place to Argentina. Though it is generally accepted that both Butch and Sundance were killed by soldiers in Bolivia in November 1908, some say they both returned to the United States, with Sundance dying around 1936.


By Kathy Weiser-Alexander, August, 2017.


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