Historic People of Arizona

Apache Indian Laborers in Roosevelt, Arizona.

Apache Indian Laborers in Roosevelt, Arizona.


William Davis “Dave” Allison – Lifetime Lawman

Burton Alvord – Lawman Turned Outlaw

Apache – The Fiercest Warriors in the Southwest

Geronimo – The Last Apache Holdout

The Apache Kid – Outlaw Legend of the Southwest

Arizona Rangers

The Aztec Cattle Company & the Hashknife Outfit

Johnny Harris Behan – 1st Sheriff of Cochise County

Big Nose Kate – Holliday’s Sidekick

George Bravin – Tombstone’s British Marshal

William “Billy” Breakenridge – Lawman, Surveyor, Author

Jack L. Bridges – Kansas Lawman

Curly Bill Brocius

Curly Bill Brocius

William B. “Curly Bill” Brocius – Outlaw Leader of the Clanton Gang

Benjamin Brown – Honorable Buffalo Soldier

Nellie Cashman – Pioneering the Mining Camps of the Old West

Billy Claibourne – Member of the Clanton Gang

The Clanton Gang of Tombstone

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado – Spanish Conquistador

Pony Deal – Outlaw & Gunfighter of the Southwest

Fred Dodge – Undercover Detective

James C. Earp – Lesser Known Older Brother

Morgan Earp – Killed in Tombstone, Arizona

Virgil Earp – Upholding the Law of the West

Warren Earp – Youngest of the Earp Brothers

Wyatt Earp – Frontier Lawman of the American West

Camillus Sidney Fly – Photographer & Lawman

John C. Fremont – The Pathfinder

John Peter Gabriel – Lawman & Gunfighter

Francisco Tomas Hermenegildo Garces – Franciscan Priest

Henry Garfias – 1st Marshal of Phoenix

John H. Good – Gunfighting Rancher

Pearl Hart – Lady Bandit of Arizona

Aztec Cattle Company & the Hashknife Outfit

Harry Head – Arizona Outlaw

Pearl Hart, Lady Outlaw

Pearl Hart, Lady Outlaw

John Heath and the Bisbee Massacre

Doc Holliday – Deadly Doc of the Old West

The Hopi – Peaceful Ones of the Southwest

Tom Horn – Wyoming Killer for Hire

James D. Houck – Pioneer & Lawman

J.L. Hubbell & the Hubbell Trading Post

John “Turkey Creek Jack” Johnson – Riding With the Earps

Eusebio Francisco Kino – Jesuit Priest

Buckskin Frank Leslie – Another Tombstone Rowdy

Jim Levy – The Jewish Gunfighter

Ben Lilly: Bears, Blades & Contradictions

Nat Love, aka Deadwood Dick – Great Cowboy

Isaiah Mays – Honorable Buffalo Soldier

McLaury Brothers of Tombstone

Sherman McMasters – Outlaw or Lawman?

Jeff Davis Milton – Long-Term Lawman

Mining and Miners in Arizona

Burton C. Mossman – Captain of the Arizona Rangers

Audie Murphy – America’s Greatest Hero

The Navajo Nation – Largest in the U.S.

Navajo War Leader Manuelito

Navajo War Leader Manuelito

Navajo Long Walk to the Bosque Redondo

Nah-deiz-az, aka: “Carlisle Kid” – Apache Outlaw

Fray Marcos de Niza – Franciscan Priest

Commodore Perry Owens – Gunfighting Lawman

Nabor Pacheco – Pima County Lawman

Peace Officers of Arizona

Tom Pickett – Lawman & Outlaw

Pima Tribe of Arizona

Barney Riggs – Infamous West Texas Gunfighter

Johnny Ringo – Tombstone Rowdy

The Journal of Sedona Schnebly

Charles A. Shibell – Arizona Lawman

Luke Short – A Dandy Gunfighter

Texas John Slaughter – Taming Arizona

Six Shooter Bill Smith – Little Known Desperado

Pete Spence – Escaping the Wrath of the Earps

Wells Spicer – Tombstone Judge

Frank C. Stillwell – Outlaw Cowboy Killer

Billy Stiles – Gunfighter, Lawman, & Outlaw

Charlie Storms – A Failed Gunfighter

Train Robbers of Arizona

William “Russian Bill” Tattenbaum, the Noble Outlaw

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

The Valenzuela Gang

Vigilantes and Bad Men of Arizona

Fred White – Tombstone’s First Marshal

“Texas Jack” Vermillion – Old West Gunfighter

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