People of Kansas

4-H Fair in Sublette, Kansas 1939.

4-H Fair in Sublette, Kansas 1939.


Arthur R. Doc Barker

Arthur R. Doc Barker

Eddie Adams – Killer of the Prohibition Era

Susan “Doc Susy” Anderson – Frontier Physician

William Anderson – Wichita, Kansas Gunman

William “Red” Angus – Fighting in the Johnson County War

William “Bill” Arnold – Posseman Killed

Billy Bailey – Cowboy Lawman

Arthur R. “Doc” Barker – Killed at Alcatraz

Barker-Karpis Gang – Terrorizing the Midwest

Charles Bassett – Dodge City Lawman

Hamilton Bell – Transforming Wicked Dodge City

Chief Black Kettle – A Peaceful Leader

The Bloody Benders of Labette County

Jack L. Bridges – Kansas Lawman

William “Billy” Brooks – Lawman & Horse Thief

John R. Brinkley – Goat Gland Doctor

Henry Newton Brown – Outlaw Marshal of Kansas

John Brown – Crusading Against Slavery

Abram B. Burnett – Potawatomie Chief

The Chouteaus – Early Traders

Buffalo Bill Cody – American Frontiersman

Phil Coe – Gunfighter and Gambler

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado – Spanish Conquistador

The Deadly Daltons

Benny and Stella Dickson – Bank Robbers

Billy Dixon – Texas Plains Pioneer

George W. Earp – Cowboy and Lawman

James C. Earp – Lesser Known Older Brother

Morgan Earp – Killed in Tombstone, Arizona

Virgil Earp – Upholding the Law of the West

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp – Frontier Lawman of the American West

Frank B. “Pistol Pete” Eaton – Fastest Draw in Indian Territory

General Thomas Ewing, Jr. – Fighting For Kansas

Exodusters of Kansas

George W. Flatt – Kansas Gunfighter and Marshal

Fleagle Gang of Kansas

James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok

Doc Holliday – Deadly Doctor of the West

John Reynolds Hughes – Texas Ranger

John “Turkey Creek Jack” Johnson – Riding With the Earps

Kanza (or Kaw) Indians

James H. Lane – Grim Leader in the Free-State Fight 

Pawnee Bill Lillie – Another Wild West Showman

“Cock-Eyed” Frank Loving – Dueling Gunfighter

“Rowdy Joe” Lowe – Saloon Gunfighter

Bat Masterson – King of the Gun Players

Edward “Ed” Masterson – Killed in the Line of Duty

James “Jim” Masterson – Dodge City Marshal

Mysterious Dave Mather – Lawman or Outlaw?

William E. Mathewson – The Other Buffalo Bill

Daniel Boone May – Protecting the Deadwood Stage

Edward P. McCabe – Nicodemus Colonizer & State Auditor

Joseph G. McCoy – Kansas Cattle Baron

Sherman McMasters – Outlaw or Lawman?

Mike Meagher – Kansas & Oklahoma Lawman

Edna Murray – The Kissing Bandit

Tom Nixon – Buffalo Hunter & Lawman

William Quantrill – Renegade Leader of the Missouri Border War

The Pawnee Indians – Farmers on the Plains

Charles Rath – Buffalo Entrepreneur

Levi Richardson – Gunfighting in Dodge City

Ben Robertson – Lawman Turned Outlaw

Satanta – Kiowa War Chief

Lafayette Augustus Shadley – Lawman

Ed Short – Cowboy & Lawman

Luke Short – A Dandy Gunfighter

Benjamin “Pap” Singleton – Leading the Exodusters

Thomas “Bear River” Smith – Marshaling Abilene 

Sughrue Brothers – Courageous Kansas Lawmen

Texas Billy Thompson – Constant Trouble

Bill Tilghman – Thirty Years a Lawman

“Texas Jack” Vermillion – Old West Gunfighter

John Joshua “J.J.” Webb – Lawman Turned Outlaw

More Historic Kansas People

Exodusters in Nicodemus, Kansas.

Exodusters in Nicodemus, Kansas

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