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Tales & Trails of the American Frontier

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Pony Express Statue, Sacramento, CaliforniaAdventures and Tragedies on the Overland Trail

Beale's Wagon Road From New Mexico to California

Beginning of Settlement in the American West

The Bozeman Trail - A Violent Path to the Gold Fields

Adventures on the Bozeman Trail

Butterfield's Overland Mail Company

The California Trail - Rush to Gold

Camel Caravans of the American Deserts

The Cattle Trails by Emerson Hough

Cattle Trails of the Prairie by Charles Harger

The Cherokee Trail of Tears

The Chisholm Trail - Herding the Cattle

Jesse Chisholm - Blazing a Trail

Corps of Discovery - The Lewis & Clark Expedition

Donner Party Tragedy

Index of Trail Blazers, Riders, & Cowboys

John Colter's Escape From the Indians

A Journey to Denver via the Butterfield  Overland Dispatch

Early Transportation on the Great Plains

El Camino Real de los Tejas

The Cattle Trail in 1905The Goodnight-Loving Trail

Charles Goodnight - Blazing the Cattle Trails

Oliver Loving - Pioneer Cowboy

Loving's Bend - A 1910 Account

Natchez Trace - Traveled For Thousands of Years

Legends and Mysteries of the Natchez Trace

The National Road - First Highway in America

Old Spanish Trail - Trading Between New Mexico and California

Oregon Trail - Pathway to the West

Eye Witness Accounts

Historic Sites on the Oregon Trail

Jeffrey-Goodale Cutoff on the Oregon Trail

Overland Trails of Nebraska

The Overland Stage and Telegraph Lines

Pathways To the West - a 1918 Account

Pony Express - Fasted Mail Across the West

The Reign Of The Prairie Schooner

Route 66 - The Mother Road

San Antonio-El Paso Road

Santa Fe Trail - Highway to the Southwest

Indian Attacks at Pawnee Rock

Lucien Maxwell by a Santa Fe Trail Driver

My Friend, Kit Carson by a Santa Fe Trail Driver

Nine Mile Ridge Massacre

Tales of the Santa Fe Trail

The Shawnee Trail - Driving Longhorns to Missouri

Smoky Hill Trail - Heading for Gold

Stagecoaches of the American West

Struggle For Possession of the West - The First Emigrants

Trading Posts and Their Stories

Trading Posts of the Fur Trade

Trails Across Pennsylvania

Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny

The Wilderness Road Opens Kentucky

Women on the Move: Overland Journeys to California




Oregon Trail ruts at Rock Creek, Nebraska

Oregon Trail ruts at Rock Creek, Nebraska, Kathy Weiser, July, 2006.

This image available for photographic prints HERE.



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The American Cowboy

The Cattle Kings

List of Trail Blazers, Riders, & Cowboys

Cowboys on the American Frontier

The Range of the American West


The Old Chisholm Trail


Well come along boys and listen to my tale,

I'll tell you my troubles on the old Chisholm Trail.


On a ten dollar horse and a forty dollar saddle,

I started out to punchin' then longhorn cattle.


I started up the trail October twenty-third,

I started up the trail with the 2U herd.


I'm up in the morning before daylight,

And before I sleep the moon shines bright.


It's bacon and beans most every day,

We'll soon be a-eatin' prairie hay.


With my seat in the saddle and my hand on the horn,

I'm the best damned cowboy that ever was born.


It's cloudy in the west and a-lookin' like rain,

And my damned old slicker's in the wagon again.


- A favorite song of the old time cowboys.


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