Indian War Campaigns and Battles

Brule War Party

Brule War Party

During the days of westward expansion in the United States, the white settlers often encountered the American Indians. Though many of these meetings were peaceful, the cultures more often clashed, resulting in hundreds of battles and skirmishes, between the Indians and pioneers encroaching upon their lands, as well as conflicts between the tribes and the U.S. Army. Though confrontations with the Indians virtually occurred since the first European explorers and settlers set foot on American soil, the “Indian War period” is primarily referred to as occurring between 1866 and 1890. These many conflicts are often overshadowed by other periods of U.S. history.

A number of the places at which these battles occurred have been designated as National Historic Sites and state parks. Others, are simply designated with a historical marker.

No loopholes now are framing
Lean faces, grim and brown; 
No more keen eyes are aiming
To bring the redskin down.

The plough team’s trappings jingle
Across the furrowed field, 
And sounds domestic mingle
Where valor hung its shield.

But every wind careering
Seems here to breathe a song— 
A song of brave frontiering— 
A saga of the strong.

— Arthur Chapman

Battle of Miami, 1859

Battle of Miami, 1859


Indian Attack by Charles Marion Russell

Indian Attack by Charles Marion Russell

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