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Outlaw Index - P-Q

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  • William Phillips - Murdered his father-in-law in Oklahoma.

  • Walter Philpott - Oklahoma outlaw who rode with Al Spencer and Jelly Nash.

  • Tom Pickett (1858-1934) - An outlaw and lawman, Pickett rustled cattle with Billy the Kid and was captured with the more famous outlaw on December 23, 1880. He later served as a U.S. Deputy Marshal and died on May 14, 1934, in Arizona.

  • Charles "Charley" Pierce (18??-1895) - Beginning his outlaw career as a whiskey peddler in Indian Territory, Pierce soon stepped up his outlaw activities and joined the Dalton Gang. After the brothers were killed in the Coffeyville, Kansas raid, he joined up with the Doolin Gang. He was killed in an ambush on May 2, 1895, near Pawnee, Oklahoma along with George Newcomb.

  • George Pierce (18??-1896) - George and brother, John, robbed and murdered their traveling companion, William Vandever, as they rode through the Cherokee Nation in November, 1894. Found with Vandever’s horses, mules and wagon, they were arrested. Tried and convicted at Fort Smith, Arkansas, both were hanged on April 30, 1896. 

  • John Pierce (18??-1896) - John and brother, George, robbed and murdered their traveling companion, William Vandever, as they rode through the Cherokee Nation in November, 1894. Found with Vandever’s horses, mules and wagon, they were arrested. Tried and convicted at Fort Smith, Arkansas, both were hanged on April 30, 1896.

  • Red Pipkin - An outlaw, he rode with Bronco Bill Walters.

  • Charles Pitts - Outlaw member of the James-Younger Gang, he was killed after the failed robbery of the Northfield, Minnesota bank on September 7, 1876.

  • Joe Pizanthia - A road agent in Montana and thought to have been a member of Henry Plummer's gang of Innocents. He was shot hanged by Montana Vigilantes

  • Henry PlummerHenry Plummer (1837-1864) - A Montana lawman, he was supposedly the outlaw leader of a gang called the Innocents and was lynched by vigilantes in 1864. However, historians now believe it was the vigilantes themselves who carried out the many crimes and Plummer was not guilty.

  • Oscar Poe - Leader of the Poe-Hart Gang who robbed banks in Oklahoma, he was killed by lawmen on January 21, 1917.

  • Poem Poe - Outlaw member of the Poe-Hart Gang, he was involved in the Centralia, Oklahoma bank robbery on October 16, 1916.

  • John Pointer (18??-1874) - A Seminole Indian, Pointer murdered a white man in the Chickasaw Nation. He was convicted of murder and hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on April 3, 1874.

  • Johnny Pointer (1873?-1894) - While traveling from Texas to Arkansas in December, 1891, Pointer killed his traveling companions, William Bolding and Ed Vandever, by bludgeoning them with an axe. When he tried to dispose of the victims’ wagon and team, he was arrested by U.S. Deputy Marshals. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on September 24, 1894.

  • Librado Polanco Outlaw member Vicente Silva's White Caps Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico. He received a life sentence for robbery.

  • Frank Porter - A New Mexico outlaw, he was killed eighty miles west of Albuquerque, in April 1888 by a posse.

  • John Postoak - Shot and killed John Ingley in the Creek nation of Indian Territory in 1877. He was hanged on December 20, 1878 at Fort Smith, Arkansas.

  • Andrew Jackson Potter - An outlaw turned Methodist preacher, he scouted and fought hostile Indians in New Mexico and Texas from 1847. He died in October 1895.

  • "Powder Bill" - A New Mexico outlaw and gunfighter, he was hired to kill A.J. Fountain to kill a man, but did not follow through.

  • William "Bill" Power, aka: William St. Power, Tom Evans (18??-1892) - Outlaw member of the Dalton Gang, Power was killed by John Kloehr in the Coffeyville, Kansas raid in 1892.

  • Elmer Price - An outlaw who was sent to prison, he refused two pardons on February 6, 1909 and again on April  27, 1912.

  • Nicholas Provencio - A member of Jesse Evans Gang during New Mexico's Lincoln County War. Afterwards, he disappeared.

  • Aaron Purdy - An Oklahoma outlaw, accused of whiskey running, robbing trains, and plans to kill a federal officer, he was pursued by Heck Thomas and a posse and was badly wounded.

  • Tom Purdy - Oklahoma outlaw and brother of Aaron, he was accused of whiskey running and  robbing trains

  • Ed Putman, aka: Ed Sibley - Wanted for killing two men over a sheep deal in Texas, he was killed in a shoot-out with Texas Rangers on December 1, 1906 at Del Rio.


  • Kep Queen - An outlaw in Texas and Oklahoma, he robbed a bank at Cisco, Texas in 1887. He was killed by Sheriff Bud Sanders and a posse.

  • Queho (1880-19??) - Though labeled Nevada's "Public Enemy No.1” around the turn of the century, many historians believe he was used as a scapegoat.

  • Vic Queen - An outlaw who rode with Martin McRose in New Mexico.

  • Tom "Tex” Quinlan - An outlaw who escaped from the Las Vegas, New Mexico jail with J.J. Webb and Dave Rudabaugh on December 3, 1881.

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