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Route 66Route 66HISTORIC ROUTE 66

Ghost Towns of Route 66

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Route 66 T-Shirts designed exclusively for Legends of AmericaGhost Towns - Westbound Route 66



Funks Grove - Home of Maple Sirup



Ill-Fated Times Beach 

Ghost Town Stretch in Southwest Missouri



Off the Path  Shamrock - Oil Boom & Bust

Warwick Has Seen Better Days

Foss - Doomed From the Beginning

Texola - Gateway to Oklahoma



Lela - Drained by Shamrock

Alanreed - Gone Are the Glory Days

Jericho Gap - Stuck in the Mud

Glenrio - A Route 66 Casualty


New Mexico

Endee to San Jon  - Another Ghostly Stretch

Ghosts Beyond Tucumcari, New Mexico

Ghost Town of Montoya

Ghost Town of Newkirk

Ghost Town of Cuervo

Indian Country Ghost Towns




San Fidel

McKinley County Ghosts







Legends Coloring BookArizona

Canyon Diablo - Meaner Than Tombstone

Two Guns - Death By Highway

Ghosts of the Old Highway


Peach Springs



Off the Path  Chloride - Preserving the Past for the Future

Off the Path  Ghosts of the Cerbat Mountain Range

Goldroad, Arizona - Gone .... For Now

Oatman - A Living Ghost Town



Ghost Town Stretch Across the Mojave Desert

Off the Path Calico - Revived From A Desert Grave

Off the Path  Belleville - Waiting for the Mother Lode




What have they done to the old home place?
  Why did they tear her down?
  And why did I leave the plow in the field,
  And look for a job in town?




If you love ghost towns, you can read lots more HERE!




Hackberry General Store

Hackberry, Arizona General Store,

December, 2004, Kathy Weiser.

This image available for photographic prints HERE!   



Route 66 Ghost Town Slideshow:



All images available for prints and editorial downloads HERE!




Glenrio Valentine Diner

The Little Juarez Cafe in Glenrio Texas.  Photo by

David Alexander, May, 2004.

This image available for photographic prints HERE!


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