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The stretch of Texas Route 66 provides not only a number of vintage Mother Road icons as you travel across the “Staked Plains” of the Texas Panhandle but, also glimpses of the Wild Wild West.

Closely following Interstate 40, more than 150 miles of the original 178 miles of the old road still remain. The only sections of original Route 66 not available are between Jericho and Alanreed and Adrian to Glenrio. Otherwise, Route 66 still exists even with original concrete paving in many spots.

Enjoy the journey across the Lone Star State.

Tower Station and U-Drop Inn, Kathy Weiser, August, 2007.

Tower Station and U-Drop Inn, Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Britten, USA water tower just west of Alanreed on I-40, August, 2007,

Britten, USA water tower near Groom, Texas by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

The sun has riz,
The sun has set,
And here we is
In Texas yet.

— Tom Snyder, Route 66
Traveler’s Guide