Summary of Native American Tribes – J-K

Kutchin – A group of Athapascan tribes in Alaska and Canada, that once inhabited the region on the Yukon and its tributaries above Nuklukayet, the Peel River Basin, and the lower Mackenzie Valley. Their name means “people” and the group included several tribes including the Tenakutchin, Natsitkutchin, Kutchakutchin, Hankutchin, Tortsikkutchin, Tutchonekutchin, Vuntakkutchin, Tukuthkutchin, Tatlitkutchin, Nakotchokuchin and Kwitchakutchin. They generally lived in large groups and men of rank, such as chiefs and medicine men were allowed to have two or more wives. They were very hospitable, often allowing guests to stay for months. by the early 1900s, their numbers had been reduced primarily due to wars between the tribes and the killing of female children.

Kwakiutl –  According to their own folk etymology, the name signifies “smoke of the world.” They were a group of closely related tribes who lived near Fort Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. In 1904, their population was only 163. According to a treaty, the Kwakuitl have hunting, fishing and gathering rights in their traditional territory on Vancouver Island. However, the Canadian government breached the and today, the Kwakiutl First Nation continues to pursue Land Claims. They are well-known for their masks and totem poles, which depict animals and supernatural beings.

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