Historic People of Colorado

Colorado miners by Detroit Photographic, about 1900.

Colorado miners by Detroit Photographic, about 1900.


John David Albert – Frontiersman

Charles Allen and His Ring of Painted Ladies

Louis Ambroise – French Trapper

Susan “Doc Susy” Anderson – Frontier Physician

Charles Autobees – Trapper, Trader, and Mountain Man

Susan “Doc Susy” Anderson – Frontier Physician

Arapaho Chief , 1898

Arapaho Chief , 1898

Arapaho – Great Buffalo Hunters of the Plains

Baby Doe and The Tabor Triangle

Marcelino Baca – Fur Trader

Jules Beni – Corruption and Violence in Old Julesburg

Bent Brothers – Trading on the Santa Fe Trail

George Bent – Cheyenne-American Soldier & Leader

Chief Black Kettle – A Peaceful Leader

Dutch Henry Borne – Biggest Horse Thief in the American West

William Milton Breckenridge – Lawman, Surveyor & Author

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Bummers Gang of Denver

Kit Carson – Legend of the Southwest

My Friend, Kit Carson by a Santa Fe Trail Driver

Cheyenne – Warriors of the Great Plains

Buffalo Bill Cody, 1872

Buffalo Bill Cody, 1872

Buffalo Bill Cody – Trapper, Trader, and American Frontiersman

William Craig – Frontiersman and Trapper

Pearl de Vere – Soiled Dove of Cripple Creek

Joseph Doyle – Colorado Trader and Politician

Earl Dunraven and the Estes Park Land Grab

Felipe Nerio Espinosa – Leader of the Bloody Espinosas

The Bloody Espinosas

Frozen Dead Guy in Nederland

Jack Gilbert Graham – The Fatal Flight of UA 629

John W. Gunnison – Surveying the Great Northwest

John L. Hatcher – Frontiersman

Valentine “Rube” Herring – Trapper to County Officer

Captain James Hobbs – Roaming the Southwest

Doc Holliday – Colorado’s Deadly Dentist

Neil Howie – Lawman and Vigilante

Mathew Kinkead – Colorado Trader to Wealthy Californian

John M. Larn – Vigilante, Outlaw, Lawman

William Sidney “Cap” Light – Texas Marshal & Soapy Smith Man

“Cock-Eyed” Frank Loving – Dueling Gunfighter

“Rowdy Joe” Lowe – Saloon Gunfighter

Bat Masterson – King of the Gun Players

James “Jim” Masterson – Dodge City Marshal

Mysterious Dave Mather – Lawman or Outlaw?

William E. Mathewson – The Other Buffalo Bill

George McJunkin – Black Cowboy & Amateur Archaeologist

The Navajo Nation – Largest in the U.S.

John Baker “Texas Jack” Omohundro – Cowboy Performer

Chief Ouray – A Man of Peace

Alfred Packer

Alfred Packer

Alfred G. Packer – Colorado Cannibal

Zebulon Pike – Hard Luck Soldier & Explorer

Jean “John” Baptiste Richard – Trader and Entrepreneur

Luke Short – A Dandy Gunfighter

George S. Simpson – Colorado Trader

Charles Siringo – Cowboy Detective

Jedediah Smith

John Simpson Smith – Superior Frontiersman

Soapy Smith – Bunko Man of the Old West

Thomas “Bear River” Smith – Marshalling Abilene

Whispering Smith’s Adventures

Ceran St. Vrain – Successful Trader & Businessman

Con Stapleton – Deadwood Marshal

Tom Tate Tobin – Exploring & Scouting in New Mexico & Colorado

The Ute Tribe – Roaming the Rockies

Charlie Utter, Bill Hickok’s Best Pard

Pierre Louis Vasquez – Trader & Mountain Man

Charles Waggoner – Colorado Robin Hood

C.J. Walker – Blazing a Path in Business for Women

John Joshua “J.J.” Webb – Lawman Turned Outlaw

Harvey Whitehill – New Mexico Miner & Sheriff

“Old Bill” Williams – Mountain Man and Explorer

Cathay Williams – Female Buffalo Soldier

“Uncle Dick” Wootton – American Frontiersman

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