Ghostly Legends of California

Queen Mary Hotel, Longbeach, California by Kathy Alexander

Queen Mary Hotel, Longbeach, California, by Kathy Alexander

A Cold Greeting in San Francisco

Death Valley Junction & the Haunted Amargosa Hotel

Ghosts of Alcatraz

Ghosts of Calico

Ghosts of the Queen Mary in Long Beach

The Haunted Drum Barracks

Haunted Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena

Haunting at the Bella Maggiore Inn, Ventura

Weeping Woman Image

La Llorona – The Weeping Woman the Southwest

La Llorona – Weeping Woman of the Southwest

Legends of Bodie

The Legend Of Devil’s Point

Las Brujas (The Witches) of Seville

The Phantoms of Vallecito Stage Station

The Queen Of Death Valley

Sleeping With Ghosts in California

The Spook Of Misery Hill

Suicide Bridge on Route 66

Winchester Mystery House (San Jose)

  For over all, there hung a cloud of fear,
a sense of mystery the spirit daunted,
and said as plain as a whisper in the ear,
“The place is haunted.”

—  Thomas Hood

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