Ghost Towns of Texas

Alanreed Super 66

Super 66 Restored Service Station, built in 1930, in Alanreed, Texas, by Kathy Alexander.

Acala – Desert Ghost Town

Adobe Walls – Buffalo & Battles

Alanreed – Gone Are the Glory Days

Alton and Goatman’s Bridge

Conway – Home of the Bug Ranch

Dryden – Dying Along the Railroad

Del Rio to Sanderson on the Pecos Trail

Fort Griffin – Lawlessness on the Brazos

Glenrio – A Route 66 Casualty

Historic Forts Across Texas

Old Mobeetie, Texas buildings by Kathy Alexander.

Old Mobeetie, Texas buildings by Kathy Alexander.

Hutchinson County Extinct Towns, Ghost Towns & Company Camps

Indianola – One Time Port City

Jericho Gap – Stuck in the Mud

Langtry – The Only Law West of the Pecos

Lela – Mother Road Ghost Town

Mobeetie – Panhandle Mother City

Pumpville – Railroad Ghost Town

Redford & the Lost Mission of El Polvo

Roosevelt – Hill Country Ghost Town

Salt Flat – A Stop on the Road

Shafter – Silver Mining Ghost Town

Shumla – Another Railroad Casualty

Spofford – Another Railroad Casualty

Terlingua Cemetery

Terlingua, Texas Cemetery, by Kathy Alexander.

Terlingua – Best Ghost Town in the Lone Star State

Texas Ghost Town Photo Galleries

Toyah – Dying Along the Railroad

Texas Forts Trail

Vinegarroon & the Pecos River Railroad Bridge

Texas Ghost Towns Photo Galleries


Shaunissy's Saloon at Fort Griffin, Texas

It was at Shaunissy’s Saloon in Fort Griffin that Wyatt Earp first met Doc Holliday. Today, the saloon has been recreated atop its old foundation. By  Kathy Alexander.


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